06 June 2011

MMJ Round 1 and 7/7 Top 3

There is much to catch up on, and luckily I have been keeping notes. First, MMJune photos, with some Make and Mend notes. To see the original posts for these garments, use the sewing archive tab just under my header. There are some M&M (Make Do And Mend) notes listed with today's roundup.
Day 1: top - Simplicity 2415, shorts - Simplicity 2654
Necklace is handmade by a Canadian artist from recycled 19th c. beads.
Day 2: skirt is self-drafted bandana skirt
*M&M: Finally attached all the snaps

Day 3: top - Simplicity 7811 (1970s), shorts are American Eagle, Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses.
*M&M: Shortened the sleeves to make it more flattering, although they still look like mushroom tops!
Day 4: (recycled MMM photo) dress - Simplicity 7385 (1976).

Day 6: dress - Simplicity 2209.
*M&M: Finally just sewed the darn darts down, as they kept pulling up in the front. They still pull up, but not as badly.

Now on to 7/7 Tops Challenge. It ended so, so badly. New Look 6895, easy as it may have looked, was not easy in any way. For crying out loud, there weren't even any darts! The fabric I chose probably didn't help.
Pattern: New Look 6895 ($2.99?)
Fabric: The burn test I did points to 100% polyester, but it feels like silk. It weighs nothing and I could probably crumple it up into one fist, sizewise. It is sheerish in the light. My sister described it as "like wearing a shirt made of smoke". ($3.98)
Notions: One hook and eye.
Time: Too much. Probably between 10 and 15 hours. 
Pros: It really is lovely to wear and the fabric, once in a completed garment, is amazing! It goes well with a lot of other things I own. I did French seams, which saved me some hand-sewing. 

Cons: The fabric was a nightmare to sew. Slippery and lots of fraying. The neckline is WAY too low and therefore the flounce couldn't gather as much. This was because they wrote the pattern so that you would be adjusting the neckline to the length of a bias strip, included in the pattern pieces. Dumb! Rather than measure by that, I adjusted it on myself. It later un-gathered itself in the process of being sewed.
The flounce was its own house of horrors. First I tried to use my 1/4" hem foot to hem the edge. No go, it was all sorts of wonky. Then I tried doing it by hand. Wrong again! I ended up cutting out two more and just sewing them together and turning them inside out. This worked OK, except that the grain must have been different on the second one because when I gathered it they gathered wildly differently. One had teensy little gathers, the other big ugly gnarly gathers. Did I mention the flounce has a gap in the middle and they meet about 3/4" off center! Also, all that bias binding meant hours of hand sewing.

At least the back looks good. Here's an inside out view.
I am done with 7/7 Tops for the time being. Maybe if this last one had gone better, I could have carried on. However, for having worked pretty much twice the hours I usually do at my job this week due to other people's absences, 3 tops is good enough for me. It broke me out of a little rut and got me sewing some things I don't usually sew.
What's next? Maybe a new tote bag. I bought some fabric to make one today. Of course, I also spied some marvelously groovy fabric that I want to make some pants out of, once it goes on sale. As they say on Ghost Hunters, on to the next!


  1. I'm sorry for your nightmare-ish sewing experience. One of the reasons I try to avoid sewing with slippery fabrics - I've even decided to line garments with cotton voile, if I can get at all away with it. :)

    The result looks very pretty, though. I love that your sister said it's like wearing a shirt of smoke! Can't wait to see it on you. :)

  2. I haven't sewn much with slippery fabrics. You know it's going to be a nightmare when just cutting out the fabric pieces is trouble! However, I think the top looks good - it doesn't look like you had any issues.

    And re MMJ: I'm enjoying all your 70's pieces!


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