22 May 2011

SW: RWB Conclusion

Even though I previously wrote a whole post about making a R/W/B skirt for this week's SW challenge, I went a completely different route (of course...will I ever stick to a sewing plan?) Being very pressed for time and trying really hard to stick to my fabric stash-busting, I went ahead and made Simplicity 2211, aka the Lisette "Market Dress".
 Fabric: Brick red and navy poplin print, called "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" by Twins Seven Seven, Boston, MA ($0 - snatched it up when the costume shop de-stashed). Navy broadcloth ($2.24, JoAnn)
Pattern: Simplicity 2211, modern ($1.99).
Notions: Etched shell buttons ($4, JoAnn)
Time Duration: Est. 6 hours.
Total Cost: $8.23
Review on PatternReview.
Basically, I love this dress! Everyone should invest in copies of the Lisette patterns. The only reason that it was a bumpy ride was because I usually was working on it late at night, when I was quite tired.
The pros: it will be great for MMJune, the main fabric came from my stash, no closures and it got all that Gidget inspiration out of my system in a GOOD way - I watched every episode last week after renting it from the library. It is also actually very flattering for a shift dress.
The cons: I didn't realize that the fabric was a mirror image when I started cutting. So after cutting the front out I re-cut it in the middle of the fabric, and therefore had to cut the back in two pieces. This made me sad, but the print covers it up well enough. I used the original front piece for the sleeves. I also didn't really do alterations, so I can't lift my arms above my head!
Alterations: I cut a size 12, instead of my usual 14 because there is a lot of ease. I also didn't use the arm flounce pattern piece because I knew they would look oversized and cheesy oan me. I drafted my own out of 3" by 45" pieces of fabric, which I folded in half and gathered. This way the ruffles are more soft.

On a side note, I managed to finish knitting this headband last week for a friend as a thank you. It is called the Blue Leaf Headband and you can get it for free on Ravelry. This is the second one I've made and they're kind of addicting, since they only take about 2 days (maybe three hours total) to make. I made this one in Bamboo Ewe by Stitch Nation, which made a narrower band than my previous one.

What's next? Well, for the Sew Weekly we've got to embellish something! I just got two new patterns in the mail...Butterick 4022, a 1970s hooded knit dress and McCall 9480, pajamas from the 1960s. I've got my eye on the dress because I've already got the fabric and since it will be quick to whip up, I can spend my time on the embellishment aspect. On the other hand, I really need to make some summer PJs for MMJune. My flannel ones will probably be just too hot halfway through.


  1. Great dress! I seriously need to check out the Lisette patterns! This is great and I LOVE the sleeves!!

  2. Oh wow, I just love this. These patterns are popping up allover the place, so tempting, but it looks like something I would wear all the time! Your fabric is great.

  3. This looks great! Love the fabric choice on this type of dress. And I agree on the Lisette love. Fabulous patterns! :-)

  4. really cute, nice work as always!

  5. Too cute, I love this print, it's amazing! I can't wait to see this on you, and I guess I've got to grab those Lisette patterns, sigh, life is so hard!

  6. I adore this dress! The print is completely fabulous. The headband is a fantastic color and I love the design - well done!

  7. Fabulous dress! The print really makes it, and the button placket is a great contrast.

  8. Fantastic fabric, it works really well with the pattern. I haven't used any of the Lisette patterns, but I've been seeing some lovely garments made using them.

  9. So cute. Love the print. I am just finishing my first Lisette patten in a Lisette fabric.


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