06 May 2011

SW: Jean and Johnny Skirt

Ah, children's books. I still read them! That made this week's Sew Weekly challenge tough because we were supposed to use a kids book to inspire our project. For some reason I wasn't really feeling that inspired by anything on my own bookshelf, although I briefly considered something piratey because I loved Tenggren's
"Pirates, Ships and Sailors". Some other possible inspirations were "Jenny and the Cat Club", "Poppleton", "Blueberries for Sal" and of course, Nancy Drew herself. In the end I settled on what is really a young adult book, but my library has it in the kids room, so oh well!
I love the few teen books that Beverly Cleary wrote and I hadn't read this one until a few months ago. There is a great summary on the blog Daughter Number Three (the quote is from that post). When I read this book, it opens with Jean and her sister doing chores and Jean thinking about the skirt she is wearing. 

"The girls make all of their own clothes, while their mother works Saturdays at a fabric store (I'll bet in part to get a discount on fabric). The idea of buying a ready-made dress is a dream that finally comes true in the course of the story."

She is cranky because she didn't take time to match the plaid on the sides, whereas she admires her sisters thrift and creativity at having made a skirt out of bandanas.
That image really stuck with me, as I had made a baby quilt out of bandanas at one point and I loved the idea. I had been wanting to make this since then and now I had the opportunity to do so! I love it, even though I'm not usually big on dirndl skirts, and it will be perfect for MMJune!
Fabric: 5 bandanas from Wal-Mart - 4 for the skirt, 1 for the waistband ($5)
Pattern: None, self-drafted waistband
Notions: Sew-on snaps
Time Duration: Approx. 2 hours.
Total Cost: $5!


  1. LOVE it!!! Such a fabulous idea to use bandanas!!!

  2. What a clever idea!
    I love bandana print.

  3. I love bandanas - and this is perfect for MMJ!


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