26 May 2011

SW: Embellish This!

I was not as adventurous in my embellishment as I could have been, but even this was going outside my comfort zone. For me, embellishment is frequently an afterthought that generally ends badly.
I had just received this pattern in the mail and knew it would be perfect...minimal time to sew the garment and then I could expend my energy on embellishment.

Pattern: Butterick 4022 (est. 1974) $4.24
Fabric: Navy knit, 100%cotton, from an old sheet left at our beach house.
Notions: Ribbon from RTW garment, felt from old craft projects, piping from old sewing projects.
Time: Approx. 4 hours
Cost: $4.24, for the pattern.
I really like this pattern. It is flattering and it feels like a "Sew and Go" pattern. After all, this might be the first SW challenge where I wasn't finishing on Sunday! I obviously omitted the hood this time 'round but I do want to make a hooded version as well. Possibly in red!
I had a few snags, of course. I cut one of the front pieces (there is a front center seam) on the wrong side of the fabric and had just enough to cut a second. I also managed the sew the piping on so that it joined in the front. Brilliant. That was the most frustrating of my mistakes but it was still minimal. The flowers were easy enough...I used a Martha Stewart tutorial I saw in an old magazine. They are teal, light blue and grey. The best part is that it is flattering, comfortable AND work wearable. A total winner!


  1. Adorable, and so flattering :)

  2. Wow this is really gorgeous, and doesn't reflect any mistakes. I hope you make the hooded version! There's not enough fashionable hoods in the world!

  3. Love this!! The pattern is really great! I can't wait to see the hooded version (you know how I love hoods ;) The felt flowers are a great touch! I'd love to see how to make these!

  4. Lovely dress, a simple style that I bet you'll get lots of wear out of.

  5. Wow. That looks really great. I love it when someone can take a pattern I would pass on and make it into something I would want myself.

  6. Very cute, it looks lovely on you!

  7. Those flowers are darling! I love how you modified this dress.


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