31 May 2011

Soon, I Promise!

I literally finished my second top a half an hour ago, and now I have to run off to work (yes, I am wearing newly-made top). Therefore I have not yet had time to take any photos! I do love it though, I hope to make a second one. I made view C, the two-tone version. I will get photos today, I promise!


  1. I LOVE that you and I were working on the exact same projects this weekend! I made View B (and I am interested to hear your thoughts on the pattern) and I made the Colette tank (in a similar color to yours). Great minds think alike? Most definitely. I'm loving your seven tops challenge! Rock it out, girlfriend.

  2. 99 CENTS? come on!!

    this challenge is such a great idea. 'm constantly thinking i have NO tops. so i tell ya what i'm gonna do: i'm gonna steal, erm-- bookmark each and every top you do and make it!


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