03 May 2011

Catching Up: Kidding Around Dress and Me-Made-June

I have been so busy that I never got my photos up here for the Sew Weekly "Kidding Around" challenge. I don't love them...it was windy so it was hard to get good pictures. I want to re-do them before I put it up on Burdastyle.
 I used the popular Simplicity 2591, which I have had in my stash for awhile. I used my slopers to alter it (although I accidentally forgot to add seam allowance in the back, thinking it was a side zipper! Here's the muslin in progress...
Here's a photo of how I applied the bias tape.
Because of how I altered it, the boatneck wasn't really there anymore, so I made it a scoop neck. It fits like a glove and I love the pockets. My one complaint? I added height to the bottom of the armholes and now they are a little tight and chafe.
 I took the above photos at the same benches where my original inspiration photo was taken. This one below was taken at my Grammy's house. 
I bought the fabric because it reminded me of these crazy animal prints I wore as a child. One specific purple dress, which I still have, was made by my Grammy. I kept with the jumper style and lined the pockets with purple fabric to match the original dress.
In these next few, you can see the underlined bodice/pocket facings. I underlined to stabilize the quilter's cotton. In itself, quilter's cotton is pretty stiff, but I wanted it to be super structured. I also managed to use up some old scraps in the process! I had planned to add a skirt lining later, but it is poofy enough on its own and I don't need it in place of a slip during warm weather. So...I skipped it!
My vintage zipper! Got it for $.69 at Savers.
I was beginning to wonder if Me-Made-May was happening...well it isn't, but Me-Made-June is! I'm very excited because I think the Sew Weekly challenges are going to help me out a lot in preparation.
 'I, Lisette of WWNDW, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear
one handmade item each day for the duration of June 2011'


  1. I love the fabric! It has a lovely vintage feel to it. I'm signing up to Me Made June too (for the first time).

  2. oohhh..I love seeing the inside! And it's fab you underlined the bodice (just saw your comment on the Sew weekly about loving underlining)...I think I'm a newly converted fan too!!!

    I really adore this dress!

  3. Cute! :) I like the piping!


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