31 May 2011

7 Tops: Number 2

Here they are, the photos of Simplicity 2364. They're not the best shots, but by the time I got home today the light wasn't particularly good.
Pattern: Simplicity 2364 $.99
Fabric: Polyester? sweater knit (Walmart), cotton knit jersey (JoAnns). Both were from my stash. $0
Notions: None
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $.99 
Notes: This will definitely be made again. It took almost no time to make and it was plenty cool to wear today. It was already in the mid 80s yesterday. I paired it with this skirt, which had wallowed, unworn in my sister's closet for a few years. Best of all, no hemming required with the knits!


  1. LOVE this top!! What a fantastic pattern and love that fabric that looks like a knit!! Very lovely!!

  2. this looks great! and so does your sobretto top! so pretty, and the skirts are a wonderful pair for summer :)

  3. Stop being so pretty. You make me feel bad about myself ;)


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