11 April 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Kidding Around

I joined the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle awhile ago, and have been trying to keep up, even if I don't always sew the challenges. This week's challenge, however, has piqued my interest! You have to make something inspired by a childhood outfit. Now, I grew up in the lovely age of Laura Ashley and Mary Engelbreit so I've got LOTS of interesting outfits to choose from!
L to R: My cousin, Emily, Me, my Grammy.
However, I was thinking of using this one as an inspiration because I already own fabric that had reminded me of this dress ages ago, and I had wanted to make a dress out of it! Plus, I believe the original was made by either my grammy or my aunt. Want another matchy matchy set? You got it! Only this time it'll be Emily's and my younger sisters in our hand-me-down school dresses!
More, you say? You got it! These are all the photos I've got that are already on my computer of me as a young un' (for reference I was born in 1988).
I rather like the last one. I insisted that that was obviously how one wore one's hats...why would you put the bow in back where it could not be seen?


  1. You and your cousin look so cute!

  2. oh they are just cuties
    very warm-hearted photos
    thanks for sharing

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  3. Very cute! hope you sew something, I too, don't always get the challenges done. It takes me a week just to find everything and then sew it together! Looking forward to your next creation!


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