02 April 2011

MMM31 and MPB Mens Shirt Sew-Along Conclusion

I don't have time to write my complete review of MMM this morning but overall it was a pretty big failure! It snowed the last day, so instead of me coming up with a pitiful outfit, Jason filled in and donned his just-finished MPB Men's Shirt Sew-Along shirt.
It is probably the best thing I have ever sewn...in regards to attention to detail and making sure I've done everything properly. The photo I took was just a quick shot, as it was raining outside.


  1. Love it. The color is wonderful I can't wait to make a dress shirt for Scott! look at that 70's collar, which looks a lot like my 1950's collar.

    My Dad is going through some medical stuff at the moment...but I still really hope to get to Boston with you. We should really set a date.


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