14 March 2011

The Peacock Dress and MMM Day 14

I have been dying to show off this peacock dress, but first my MMM Day 14 photo! I got harassed last night when I went to a theatre show in which a bunch of my old friends were involved. Imagine my surprise when one of them asked to see what I was wearing that I had made! So I'm going to be extra fastidious about MMM from now on.
Blouse: Simplicity 2415
Check out the license plate the DMV gave me!

OK, on to the good stuff! I was inspired to make this dress after seeing this version on the blog Green Apples.
Pattern: Project Runway Simplicity 2360 (sz. 14)
Fabric: 100% Polyester georgette? from Jo-Ann. I think the Robert Kaufman line.
Duration: Started around January 2011 and finished at the end of February 2011.
Pattern Review, click here. Burdastyle Post, click here
Pattern Rating: 10! Mostly because I didn't need to shorten the bodice or neck to shoulder length, hooray!

Alterations: I made several alterations. For starters, I omitted the pockets because I was using such a light fabric. Second, I did not put elastic in the waist as I wanted to be able to play with how the dress would sit on me when tied at the waist. Judging from other people’s versions that seems to be the thing to do. Because I made it in a sheer fabric I self-lined it. This means I made a whole second dress and then instead of using a bias tape around the neck, I sewed the two together and dropped the lining in. I think this may be why the neckline bubbles a little sometimes…it lacks stability. I may go back and add it. I did keep the bias binding on the armholes, but made it out of lime green satin. Lastly, since the sharp curve of the flounce meant that my 1/4" hem foot wasn’t grabbing the edge nicely, I hemmed it again over the previous hem. Next time I think I’ll just do it by hand though.
What I Learned: Stabilize that neckline! Also, a french seam can be done, even on a princess seam in sheer fabric without puckering. Hand hem flounces cut on the bias. Last, but not least, use a longer stitch length with sheer fabrics. I went up to a 3 length, otherwise the stitches would pucker the fabric.

Oh! I am faint from taking so many photos!
Inside out and close up views.


  1. What a beautiful dress! And I love your little white blouse too :)

  2. I looooooooove the peacock dress. That fabric is divine and is PERFECT for that dress!

    Love the new car, by the way! I'm a big fan of Volvos, too. I have a pine green '95 wagon. :D

  3. I didn't know you were from RI! Newport is one of my very, very favourite cities.

    I adore the peacock dress! So beautiful and I love the purple tights you paired it with. :)

  4. I like the dress, the whole outfit and the photos! Get out the smelling salts!

  5. Your dress is stunning. I just love it. The ruffles are fabulous. Couldn't you see it in a linen for summer? I may have to finally break down and snag this pattern @ the next Simplicity sale...

  6. Lovely dress, and the tights were perfect with it!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. The dress is beautiful, love the fabric.

  8. Wow! This dress is truly stunning and very flattering. That print is so perfect. Love it with the purple tights, too!


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