22 March 2011

MMM Day 18, 19, 20

I've been behind on my MMM posts since I've been busy shopping for the 13 photo shoot. It has been fun, if not tiring. By the way, does anyone know where I can get about 100 different geeky pins on the cheap? I'm covering a denim jacket in them. But anyways...on to the MMM.
 Day 18
We had a hot spell for about two days (into the 70s) and I took full advantage of it. Worn to work and out for a quick cycle on my Schwinn. This dress is one of my best me-mades, and certainly the most wearable.
Dress: Simplicity 7385 (1976)
 Day 19/20
The shirt is the same pattern and the photo on the left is an old one, I didn't get one at the time so I'm using that. I'm smiling cheesily on the right because my sister insisted I smile with teeth, lest I get what we call "the big chin"!
Shirt: Simplicity 2415

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