11 March 2011

Class Clown Photos and MMM Day 10

I didn't have a lot of time yesterday because it was final dress rehearsal but I managed to fix a wrap skirt that I thrifted from Savers. It doesn't wrap around quite enough, so I feared it blowing in the breeze a bit too much. I just sewed up part of the side, although it was a bit off in the end so I'll still have to go fix it! I don't have a photo here, but it has little traditional clowns all around the border! Very appropriate for a rehearsal of Class Clown!

The original renderings are in this post.

The sewing I did for the show...I combined a red shirt and a white shirt to make a striped shirt and I chopped up a suit jacket to make a ringmaster's coat. This is a photo progression of how I made the ringmaster's coat.
The whole cast, along with the author, Johanna Hurwitz. They all were amazing! That is hte red and white shirt I sewed below.


  1. Great costumes! Well done! I really like the ringmaster's coat and the mime costume.

  2. i LOVE the ringmaster jacket!! i wanted to mak eone for halloween and am filing this info away under "awesome things to make"


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