01 February 2011

S&S Sew-Along: Prep Work

Huzzah! 'Tis time to begin the sew-along. Despite inclement weather this morning I ventured out to buy my muslin. I had to forgo ribbon in order to use my 40% off coupon on the muslin but we won't be that far along for at bit. I hope that unlike myself, you all did not wait until the last minute to go and buy fabric.
The only step for today is to pre-shrink your fabric, so I hope it is laundry day for you too! Your fabric should be 100% 45" wide cotton. I'm putting mine on a regular wash cycle, using warm water. Once that is done, toss it in the dryer on a regular cycle as well. If you're really ambitious you could even iron it today, just don't fold it up or you'll crease it and have to iron it again later.
"Mrs. Van murdering a Spider"
 From lastbloom, Diana Sperling watercolour
I'll be doing my cutting tomorrow and have pictures, etc. I'm also trying to get a badge drawn up for each garment we make. Isn't the picture above darling? It is from a book called "Mrs. Hurst Dancing", and is from sketchbooks by a lady named Diana Sperling, between 1812 and 1823. The style is a cross between Grandma Moses and Edward Gorey. The link in the caption will take you to the other watercolours, which is nice as the out-of-print book usually has to be ordered from the UK and it is expensive!
I also came across this image in my search of "regency chemise". Looks a lot like what we'll be making! I love the pointy lace edgeing, and I would love to incorporate some into my own chemise.
'Til tomorrow!

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  1. Loooooove Diana Sperling! My favorite watercolor of hers is this one: http://www.pemberley.com/janeinfo/dswlkmud.jpg


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