23 February 2011

New Show: Class Clown

I've been terribly bad about not updating my blog. No excuses, I know. I have progress on plenty of projects. I just feel too lazy to take any photos! So instead you get the renderings for my latest show, Class Clown. Don't worry, you'll get an eyeful of sewing projects during MMM to make up for this dry spell.
 Julio the "cool kid", Lucas the "class clown", Cricket the "teacher's pet" and Arthur the "quiet boy".
School nurse, Mrs. Hockaday, Lucas' mom, the mime.


  1. i like pantomime)
    i like think what the mime wanted to say:)

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  2. Love the drawings, nice work.

    Dont feel bad, you're posting high quality posts with your own material and things that really relates to your projects. That takes time.

  3. Can't wait to see the costumes come to life!!!! And I'm looking forward to your MMM projects! I'm opting out this time because it's just too hard to swing it while 8 months preggers.


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