22 January 2011

S&S Sew-Along 1

My patterns have arrived, huzzah!
So I guess it just a took awhile for the yays and nays to come in about the Sew-Along. Remember, you're still welcome to join at anytime! Some people asked if it would be broken down into parts, and yes, it will be. This is the plan:
Jan-Apr: Undergarments
May-Aug: Gown
Sep-Dec: Spencer/Pelisse
You can finish as early as you like, and if one spills over into another's time slot that is fine too.
Those who have joined in include: Heather In Oregon (do you have a blog?), Nancy, Leah F. (to where should I link in order to follow your progress?), Christine H. will join in for the coat and maybe the undergarments as she's already made the gown, and then Bry and JadeStar003 might join in for certain parts.

My own personal plan is to have all my materials for the Chemise bought by the end of January. So get those patterns ordered!
To Buy:  Fabric, drawstring (cord or ribbon) and thread.
The pattern suggests pima, lawn or another lightweight 100% cotton fabric for the Chemise. I'll probably just buy some light, white muslin from Jo-Anns with a coupon. I'll do a tutorial on making your own bias binding.


  1. hmmmmm...I am thinking about joining too as there are tons of Jane Austen events in the UK in September and this is a perfect excuse to go to one!

  2. Guess what came in the mail today? I'm super pumped!


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