06 January 2011

Edelweiss Patterns

I guess I'll be doing a sew-alone on the Sense and Sensibility patterns, that's OK. One of the actresses that I am costuming and I bonded a little after I saw her reading PandP. I still have yet to read it, but I did tell her about my regency outfit project and she got quite excited.
A new pattern company has just sprung into existence, called Edelweiss Patterns. Yes, if you love The Sound of Music, these patterns are for you! I'm gaga over their first pattern, which is called the Liesl Dress (see photo below). Liesl is not only my favorite character in the movie, but the dress she wears is stunning. They did an amazing job recreating the look and it is quite affordable at $13.99. Someday I will make it!
 By the way, I never posted about my new blog: 365 Things I Don't Need. Like many sewing enthusiasts I'm a total junk hoarder. So I'm getting rid of one thing every day and posting about it.


  1. Not alone, although maybe in the beginning. I have already made the stays, chemise, and gathered regency dress. I may join you later in the year for the spencer jacket though. I've been meaning to make one. Also a petticoat as my dress is rather sheer. I love it though.
    I like this interpretation of Liesl's dress. Not so sure abouth the sleeves though.
    Finally, you MUST read Pride and Prejudice. It is my fave of all the Austen books. It's so witty, and amusing. I have three copies!!! A little excessive I know but can't bring myself to get rid of any of them. :)

  2. What a gorgeous pattern, you look lovely in pink :)

  3. I'll be actively watching your progress! :) I have a cool old photo that I would like to copy, but I have never tried anything in the corset area before and I don't know......

  4. Fabulous Sound of Music patterns!! *drool*

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and must give you the award for best blog name EVER. Also, I had a random thought the other day that I really need to find a pattern for the Baroness Schraeder's red and white polka dot suit. I'd love to walk into a Halloween party wearing that. Of course, I'd probably wear it for every day as well!

  6. Hello Jill!

    This is Katrina from Edelweiss Patterns. Be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter, because I am planning to release Baroness Schrader's traveling suit in the not-too-distant future! And thank you, Lisette, for the beautiful blog post!

    Happy sewing!


  7. Hey Lisette, are you breaking the sewalong into parts? I've just finished making myself a Sense and Sensibility regency dress for Christmas and going to see Trinity Rep's Christmas Carol. I've been wanting to make the spencer jacket to go with it though!

  8. No, I'm so in! I will make it all with you, thought I find it all totally intimidating! But, hey, live and learn!


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