19 January 2011

Ah! The Lovely Boylan Sisters!

I just finished my PatternReview on Simplicity 2418 and I did my Burdastyle Project of it this morning. I mean, c'mon, how awesome are these shirts?!
 Photo by Thomas Giroir
 I can't wait to make my own. I may need to seeing as my Simpicity 2360 peacock dress is giving me a major headache. The flounce edges won't hem with my 1/4" hem foot, so I will have to bias bind them, boo! On top of that I discovered I had only cut out half the number of side front pieces needed (I had to double everything to make a self lining), and now don't have any extra fabric to cut them from. What to do!?
Grace's dress came out lovely as well, I have not put it up on Burdastyle yet, because I don't have a photo that I am satisfied with, and of course the gem chain cracked and broke while being dry cleaned!
By the way, I'm going to post the first Sew-Along update tomorrow!

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