23 November 2010

Annie Renderings I

My first set of renderings/collages.
Some changes have already been decided, but you can see what I'm starting out with.
Lily's dress is drawn from a pattern I've got - I'm hoping to actually make it if I have time.
FDR's Cabinet...did you know Frances Perkins was the first female cabinet member?
Good thing I picked up Butterick's historical aprons pattern!
I love me some coveralls, and I quite like that cop coat as well.
More to come later!

20 November 2010

Win/Russian Blue

Spikklubba of Adventure & Vintage won the giveaway! Just email me the two patterns you want and your mailing address to taponmyback@cox.net.

I've been claiming the existence of this dress since its creation at the end of SSS and now, mid-November, I finally have proof of it. Made from half-size Simplicity 7385, 1976. 
Click here to see it on Burdastyle.
I will admit I did struggle with this one a bit, especially on the piping. The fake-wrap Soviet-style piped front was something I did after realizing it looked like my grandma's summer muumuus. Same fabric and everything! I almost quit half-way through, thinking it wouldn't ever look wearable, but I persevered and now it has quite grown on me!

18 November 2010

HP Knits

My sister Ana and I and Jason are going to the midnight showing of HP 7.1
So in honor, she and I both did a little Ravenclaw knitting. She made a scarf, I made this hat (free pattern link). I don't love it as much as my crocheted beret, but it is just the thing to wear to HP.

16 November 2010

Free Patterns?

So maybe you missed my last post, about the 100 Follower Giveaway. Maybe you're ignoring it.
Either way I thought I should clarify that you only have to provide one link/image/whatever but more is welcome. So if you haven't entered you should. Lest I send the Victorian policemen after you.

12 November 2010

100 Follower Giveaway!

So when I said I would have the giveaway information up on Monday, I really meant Friday.
But you knew that, right? 
From  HCT
Because I am in the middle of doing research for my next show, Annie, I decided to make that part of the contest. In order to enter you must give me a link to something that will be useful to my research (see below!) Photos from the era (no photos of actual productions of Annie, please) are preferred, but pattern illustrations are also useful.
The winner will be chosen at random next Friday.
They will win the choice of two patterns out of this bunch:
Simplicity 2654 sz. 14-22
sz. B34
sz. 10-12-14
sz. B36
sz. B34
Half sz. B39
sz. B32.5
Jr. sz. B35
sz. B32.5

Here are some of the costumes I need research for in the early 1930s (specifically 1933):
1. Police and service worker uniforms, specifically dog catchers and laundry men.
2. Maids, butlers and housekeepers.
3. President FDR and his cabinet.
4. Radio performers, specifically female singing groups and also male announcers.
5. Menswear (business and casual)
6. Womens business wear
7. Womens holiday wear, such as party and evening gowns
8. Impoverished/homeless men and women and children 

Happy hunting!

06 November 2010

School House Rock Live Costumes

  Look! Me with the most amazing cast ever! I love them all for wearing the weird things I came up with.
So School House Rock Live! is finally done and I'm already doing research on Annie which is leaving little time to blog. However, I have tomorrow off so I promise that the giveaway will be posted by Monday. I also have those photos of the September dress and maybe I'll get some buttonholes done while I am at it. For now, you get my final photos that will go in my portfolio! It is so exciting to have something other than my work from college (aka clothes I made for myself).
These continents were stuck on with the amazing fusible webbing, which, sadly, is not machine washable. They took a whole day in themselves because the cutting was quite detailed.
 This was definitely one of the most fun costumes to make because it involved chopping up teddy bears! The bear slippers were inspired by teddy bear dresses made by Moschino.
Shulie's costume was possibly the most time intensive due to the excessive use of puffy paint. The actress appreciated her ill placed 4 and left a little trail of gold glitter everywhere she went from the stars on her sleeves.
While these last two don't look complicated, they were, because it is practically impossible to applique onto a pant leg using a sewing machine. The leg is too long to cram onto the machine and too thin to rotate around corners properly, so the letters were done in steps. Still, I think they look the most professional out of all the costumes and now I've got some ideas for my own clothes!

03 November 2010

Minor Distraction: Menace Bunny!

I'm stuck in Hartford until Thursday, glittering sleeves and sewing alphabet letters so I'll have the 100 follower giveaway after that! Until then I've got the "Menace Bunny Overalls" to show you. They're from September but I just got the photos. I made them for Jason's nephew, Cy. I'd actually started them the year before but they wouldn't have fit him then so he got a vest instead.

Pattern: Simplicity 4417 (1953)
Materials: Quilter's cotton and buttons from JoAnns
Pattern Rating: 4/5
What I Learned: 
1. I really need to study up on applique! That rabbit face was a big thorn in my side.
2. Hong Kong seams are really nice and look fancy.
3. I can totally do buttonholes from memory now :)
By the way, if you haven't already, please check out Tilly's Crafty Christmas Club Blog!

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