24 October 2010

School House Rock Live! Progress

Before I start, I would like to note that I am at 99 followers! When I reach 100 I will have a super-awesome giveaway (probably with vintage patterns, maybe some other goodies...) so if you aren't already following my blog, please do!

Obviously I haven't been posting, shame on me. Even more shame for not finding the time to read anyone else's blog posts. However, one must have income and so I've been busy designing costumes for Hartford Children's Theatre's production of SHR Live! First up are the promotional photos/posters and then below you'll find my design renderings.
From Bottom Left, Clockwise: Shulie, Tom, George, Dori, Joe and Dina!
 Tom, the main character, is getting ready for his first day of school somewhere in the late 1970s/early 1980s. His mom has even bought him a "World's Greatest Teacher!" shirt. Thanks mom!
But wait! A whole cast of colorful characters pop out of his television! They are from the hit show, School House Rock. Dina, stylish in an apr├Ęs ski pajama ensemble, themed around a map of the world, has come to teach him about the "Great American Melting Pot".
Joining her is George, the loveable, romantic hippie-type who sings to Tom about just being a "Bill" in his hand-made (by me) teddy bear slippers.
Enter Shulie, George's "romantic interest", who is enthusiastic about math and science with songs such as "Interplanet Janet". She has a more athletic sense of fashion, but keeps it fun with sock monkey slippers (available at Target, along with adult size sock monkey footie pjs).
Joe also has an athletic air, since he's the "cool guy". You might have been able to tell from his Superman shirt, although my Jason would disagree and say that Batman is cooler. Too bad Batman wasn't big in the 1970s!
Lastly is wacky Dori, the grammar loving girl. She is played by two actresses because of scheduling conflicts. I've had to change her costume around quite a bit, so don't be surprised if you don't quite recognize it once I'm done.

05 October 2010

Jason's Quilt

Until the weather improves enough for good pictures of my new dress, you can be entertained with pictures of my Christmas gift to Jason (from two years ago?) Which then became his birthday gift. And then sat, unfinished because I was too lazy to find a jersey sheet set to make a backing. To my credit, I think it was worth two holidays of gifts, both effort and cost-wise (see below).
So he bought one at work and it sat in my car throughout my senior year of college. When I cleaned my car out for the summer it did actually make it into the house but it was stuffed away behind my sewing things. Since we are going camping in a week I decided it might be nice for me to finish the quilt so we can use it on the trip. Plus I got a puppy dog face a few months back because I was "making things for everyone but me!" - Jason. Which was true, shame on me.
Don't worry, this is my room, not his! You can even see the self-portrait from my last post.
So as the result of all of yesterday and half of Disney's Peter Pan today, we have Jason's quilt. Every square has something to do with Jason's personality and tastes.

The stats:
45+ t-shirts
4 polos
Approx. $4/shirt
Total cost:  $180, 2 years and lots of love <3

Plus also, I owe you all 10 things about myself for my Beautiful Blogger award from Debi...(this is so old!)
1.  I love anything to do with skeletons and skulls.
2. I try and write letters as often as I can, especially because it means I get to put a wax seal on it while trying not to catch the letter on fire.
3. I'm currently reading Mansfield Park (Sense and Sensibility Patterns Regency sew-along anyone?) and am having a hard time keeping track of all the characters.
4.  I enjoy showers by candlelight.
5. I'm getting better at keeping my room clean, but I still can't balance my debit/chequebook.
6. I kind of really want these for pajamas ($16 from wal-mart):
7. And these slightly more expensive shoes:
8. Christmas can't come soon enough.
9. I wish I had more time to go to museums.
10. Am greatly amused by this article and this article proclaiming Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld) to be the new fashion icon. The best part is it is so true!

04 October 2010

Final Days of SSS

SSS is finally over! Hooray!
I think my slow descent into cuckoo-land, as apparent in the following photos, documents my final feelings about SSS just before I gave up because the changing weather and having to go live in Hartford the past two weekends.
 Self-crocheted headband, taken in front of my self-drawn cubist fruit.
The ruby crab shorts! I later ditched the sweater as it was warm out.
Marlo's Corner '70s blouse, worn under a t-shirt and cardigan. My last real effort at SSS.
Peasant blouse, worn the first weekend in Hartford which had almost 90 degree weather. I went to a craft fair in this because it was too hot to wear anything else. Of course, the next weekend (the last in September) it was in the low 70s. Go figure.
Not technically part of SSS, although the necklace was handmade by a woman in Canada out of 18th century beads (a lovely gift from my friend Kelsey). However, I did want to show off my effort at a hairdo. I am very lazy with my hair because it will pretty much look good if I do absolutely nothing to it. But instead this day I opted for a sort of 00s/40s/80s pouf (very Elaine Benes, since she is apparently the new fashion icon) with a twisted half-updo. Amazingly, it stayed up all day, despite hot and humid weather and my half hour commute with the window down.

I have a much more introspective post I'm preparing about SSS, along with a new dress I've made but you shall have to wait until I can take pictures!

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