22 August 2010

Veil Cap Giveaway Part 2

Sunday is here and that means there are winners...wait, you say, that is plural.
Well, so many people entered that I decided to have two winners.
They are Angela (comment #1) and Michelle (#15) who picked, respectively, patterns 105 and 103. I've got Michelle's email address but I will need yours, Angela.

For those of you that didn't win, don't fret as you can purchase your own from my Etsy Store.

16 August 2010

I Knit For a Bit

Now, I admit, I have not been sewing lately, but it is not for lack of inspiration. Instead I've been doing a bit of knitting and crocheting to give me a break. Plus I was able to crochet while I worked at camp, whereas a sewing machine might have been a bit...troublesome.
By the way, if any of you have Ravelry accounts, please friend me! My username is wendybirde.

1. Gnome/Pixie Hat! (click here for pattern)
Amazingly easy, it is a rectangle folded in half and sewn up the back. I hope to make a matching scarf and mittens later on. It also makes for a good night cap, if you live in as cold a house as I do.

I was overjoyed to finish these darn things. I started them way back in December and finished one with no problem but I had to re-do the next sock twice-over. They're delightful except that the stitching on the bottom gets a bit stretched out so it feels like there are holes. Good thing I picked thicker yarn for my next pair.

3. Headband/Earwarmer (click here for pattern)
This got done today and it only took me two days. It has an adorable armadillo button holding it together in the back. It is still too hot to wear it, but you can bet it will be showing up a lot in SSS.

So what shall I tackle next, you ask? Well, a Harry Potter scarf for Deathly Hallows and I think this sweater...

15 August 2010

A Quick Hello and Giveaway

So things have been very hectic around here as you may or may not have noticed in my lack of posts. To summarize: I got a bicycle for my birthday on the 5th, spent a week as a camp counselor before coming home sick with lyme, seeing my friends leave home for their first jobs and doing an unusual amount of knitting (which I will write about later).
Also, I've been bad again and bought 4 new patterns and these gorgeous shoes (mine are in black). If you want a pair, you'd best get on it, they're "Oriole" by Sofft. The cranberry and navy color are impossible to find already and the black is selling out everywhere. I was blessed in finding a pair in my size on Ebay for $40 but they usually run $80-105.

But on to more interesting things. I have FINALLY gotten all six of my reproduction vintage veil cap patterns set up in my Etsy store, Vintage Stitches. In celebration I am giving one away to one lucky reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below saying which one you would pick. I'll pick the winner next Sunday.

02 August 2010

Who Is Lisette?

This post is sort of a wee peek into what I really am up to and how I dress in real life.
I am not the sort of vintage sewist who prances about in dresses and hats all day mostly because up until now my work and school demanded that I couldn't. You don't want to be painting flats black in a theatre in a nice dress.
1. On film set at the beach.
2. At graduation!
3. Visiting the state capital with my Aussie.
4. At a maple syrup party in Quebec on my study abroad.
5. Backstage shenanigans.
6. Hiking with Mr. WWNDW!

On a side note, I also want to point out this gorgeous page from Casey's Elegant Musings post.
The right view is sort of what I had in mind for this pattern, which has been sitting in my drawer for awhile. It is more tailored, which may look terrible on me, but it could be worth a shot.
Plus also, I bought more patterns. Bad. This is one of them.
Then, I HAD to get this fabric. I own a commercially made dress that is in this fabric, only it is a hot pink version. Sadly, they only had two yards.
If you want something similar, they have a listing for the pink version (2 yards).

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