29 July 2010

New Pattern Purchases

I've been bad, and have bought many patterns recently.
I present, as evidence of my guiltyness:
These first two were $5 apiece. I can't wait to make the shawl collar one since I sold my only shawl collar pattern ages ago.
The only thing I don't like about this one is that ugly one pleat down the front of the skirt!
I plan to make the main part of the dress in black and do a center panel in white with Klibban Cats. Oh, and the jacket will be awesome for fall!
Lastly, this lot put me back only $1.04, even though I only want about 2 of the patterns!

26 July 2010

Etsy Window Shopping

Le sigh. If only I had endless wealth.
This first shop is my new favorite. Another thing I could probably figure out how to make but would feel bad about doing so!

                                                 From ChaseAsh.
From MamaJudes (20% off sale right now!)

25 July 2010

Here's Lookin' At You, Kid

If you read my last post, you know what this is:
 This is my personal favorite out of the set, because it really looks more 1940s.

On a more depressing note, I haven't been able to finish Mad Men Season 3 in time for tonight. Even though we found out my boyfriend has had it On-Demand for the past year or so (WTF?!) we're only on Episode 7 or 8. When I say we, I really mean we...he watches it too! So he's DVRing the premiere, but I've got my fingers crossed that his brother doesn't erase it, or that they stop having season 3 on-demand.
All I can say is, who the heck are the blonde girls?! Pink dress I guess could be Peggy, but the picture is a bit too tiny to tell. Angry black dress looks like someone from Law and Order, not Mad Men.
If you know, don't tell me!

23 July 2010

Caps 'n Veils

Inspired by Jen at Pretty Little Picture's need for a veil cap pattern for her wedding, I decided to start making Repros of my set of veil cap patterns. I've already got two up in my store and I plan to be done by the end of July. I think there are 6 total. Once I'm done I'll do a giveaway, the winner getting to choose the one they want.
I stumbled across this adorable cap from etsy store ChaseAsh.
Only $20 plus shipping!
 Of course, I also found a Ravelry pattern for a very similar hat, and I have just the yarn.

21 July 2010

Fail/Success on the Summer Essentials

I've made a bit of headway since my original Summer Essentials Pledge (see banner on right).
In fact, I actually completed 5/5 Summer garments although my original list is not what I ended up making.
For example, the bathing suit which I has been 2 years in the making now, will have to wait another year because I didn't grade the bodice properly.
Nor did I make the Vogue or Simplicity tops. Oh well.

This is what I DID make:
Status: Semi-success. I like it, but it might be more of an end of summer garment.
Status: Semi-success. I love it but I need to put in some darts.
Status: Semi-success. Again, I love them but they are a size too big :( No matter.
Status: Super success! I love this. The darts I added make the top so much more flattering.
I'll reveal my final Summer Essential tomorrow...tonight will probably determine whether or not it is a total failure or a semi-success.

19 July 2010

I Love You Honey But I Just Can't Smile

So I think ever since I said I was going on a July hiatus for my summer class, I've ended up posting almost every day. Just goes to show that when you're supposed to be writing a report on l'existentialisme francaise, you suddenly find all the time in the world to write blog posts!
Sartre or vintage goodies? Gee...
On another note, my car seems to be fixed (yay!) but I also have a minor ear infection which left me sleepless and prevented me from going to work on time (boo!)

So, to stay kind of true to my hiatus, this will merely be a blog post of a couple of images of my own patterns. Patterns that I will probably never make, since they are usually not my size. Sit back, relax, drink some iced tea and enjoy the slideshow.
Ah, the tea dress. The layered square neckline on this one is just delicious. Of course, I lied a little, this one is my size. I feel it is a little too frump though. Not young enough for N. Drew and chums.
This one is certainly young enough. I can only imagine that they are members of the Bird Call Club! I often picture George in yellow, so of course since the model in back also looks like her I am inclined to call it a George dress, even though it is much too fussy for her. Definitely a Bess dress. And the silly chiffon scarf on the wrist as well!

On a side note, I added some more patterns to my Etsy store, including those that had been offered in that giveaway so long ago. I also listed this adorable polka-dot flannel fabric on Ebay. There is 5 yds...more than enough to make a full-skirted dress!

17 July 2010

The Epic Ruby Post

Yes, we finally finished!
Dear readers, the Rubys have been a long journey. Much longer than that one silly week in June that I thought I/we could finish them in.
Nancy and Ali's versions.
Jana did a thorough post on why hers will never be. Eleanor found hers to be a wadder as well :(
I think Summer finished hers but said she didn't have a way of posting them?
And of course, BurdaStyle is giving me 500 Error every time I try and post a new project so my images are via facebook.
So, what did I get out of all this?

What I Learned
1. I will probably never sew anything in a week.
2. Flat-lining is my best friend on white and flimsy fabric.
3. If you're not up for buttonholes, use giant snaps!
4. I am NOT this Burda size! Yes, after all my fussing about size, mine are about 2 inches too wide in the waist, making them low-slung rather than high-waisted.
Well, now I know for when I start my RUBY PANTS! Muahahaha!

16 July 2010

Patternday and I Hate You Amazon

Alas, Amazon tricked me into buying the Blu-Ray version of Mad Men, so I am not patronizing them anymore (thank god I'm done with school! The cheap textbook factor would have made me put up with them). They can go jump in a hot pool of stink for all I care.
As a matter of fact, I'm so angry and desperate about it that I might go purchase a copy from the evil nemesis of all small-business, the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Gasp, I know.

Well I've done my pattern shopping for a bit now, so I'm going to share with you all the Ebay goodies I didn't pick up. NOTE: Check the actual size underneath the image, as sometimes I can't take the image from the actual listing. The price/size link to the listing.
Happy shopping!

First, some prizes for the big girls out there.
Now that is a sweet coat. If it were in my size I'd have snapped it right up!
1941 DuBarry Slip - B42/$0.99
40s Superior Shirtdress - B42/$0.99
40s Lot of 3 patterns (Suit, Blouse, dress) - B42 and 44/$0.99
50s lot of 7 patterns - B42 and up/$0.99
40s Lot of 3 patterns - B42/$0.99

The 50s re-make of this apron.

This next section is all $4.99 apiece from this seller.

This seller is selling lots of two patterns in the same size for $0.99! There are lots of mod and mad men 60s patterns.
And this seller also has many listings at $0.99, including a mod 60s sailor ensemble in B30 and a Betty Draper 60s equestrian suit in B38! They even have a few 40s and 50s patterns.

Folks Serv