25 June 2010

Ultimate Nancy Shoes

So I have finished the Rubys and a top to match them (by pure chance actually) but I want to wait to post them because Nancy's waiting on a camera to take photos of hers. Then I have a new and much better planned Sew-Along to complement Self-Stitched-September that I will be unveiling.
To make up for no posts due to a recently hectic work schedule, I present some of Tracey Neuls handmade shoe collection (as found on Waiter, Waiter, Percolater by Nancy). Despite their price, I think Nancy and chums would recognize that these shoes were well worth it and would treasure and care for them once purchased.

These would two would definitely be George's favorites...slightly masculine, a little golf-chic and in (what I imagine to be) her favorite colors, green and cream.
 These would be Bess's. Perfect to match with ruffly, frilly, lacy skirts and dresses.
 These struck me a particularly Nancy for a sporty occasion. With their tennis inspiration and neutral color they're perfect for her wardrobe. The dash of red reflects her occasional recklessness and boldness in the face of danger.

21 June 2010

What Fresh Heck IS This, Vogue

So I saw this and thought, Oh, OK, Vogue has moved on their retro pattern line to ugly designer maternity wear from the 90s.
I was wrong.
Why, Vogue, why?!
Then I saw that they were making a line for stylish witches.
Too bad the hat isn't included in the pattern. I mean, I might have bought it for that.
The coat is actually kind of neat if you took all the fugly beading off the skirt. But whoever styled the rest of the ensemble must have been a Project Runway reject.
Lastly, there are Origami Ninja Woman pants. I think Peter should've made these instead of the Harem pants. They're kind of neat in an ethnic way. But they still don't make up for the other atrocities.
Then, the same woman designs this amazing dress. Go figure.
As a bonus pattern surprise I present the Easter Egg costume. Perhaps they're test running a line of costume patterns, what with this and the rich witch.
So this is actually my third edit to this post, but I just found so many more ugly patterns I couldn't help myself.
All I can think of are ugly communist military uniforms. Note the pant-hem interest. Yuck!
I guess hairdressers thought their scrubs needed a little fancifying.
 When you wear pants as a jacket!


The winner of the pattern giveaway is Sarah, of Rhinestones and Telephones!
You can email me your pattern choice and your address to taponmyback@cox.net and I'll try and get it sent out sometime this week.
The other patterns will end up on Etsy at some point for $3 apiece + shipping, so if you're interested in one of them I can reserve it for you.

20 June 2010

Mary Hopkin's Gingham

While listening to Accuradio's "Hey Hey We'er the Sixties" channel, a Mary Hopkin song came up. Delightful!
I really love this oversize-gingham dress. But the boots? They look like space vixen boots!
Want a dress like this? Here are some Etsy options.
Not quite gingham, but I've got patchwork on the brain lately!

19 June 2010

Already Autumn

My biological clock seems to go about 100 times faster than real time, thanks to things like fashion magazines and the internet and working in retail. This means I'm already both thinking about fall fashion (debating what sweaters I might knit) and wishing it were here. Ironically, my fall/winter wardrobe is sitting in the living room, still waiting to get put in storage! If only I could live in a world with no reminder of time or date.
Surely I'm not the only one with this  problem, right? Anyone?
If you're interested, Vogue did an excellent article about this phenomenon in the last issue or so, the one with SJP on the cover.
In the meantime, I've dug up some fantastic WWNDW fall inspiration.
This is my new all-time favorite photo for several reasons (it is also now my desktop). First, the lady looks a lot like my Aunt Pam, who grew up in the 60s and still has a similar hairdo. Second, the outfit: amazing orange sweater, cute trompe-l'oeuil tights and THOSE SHOES. I must have them. Third, the car is just smashing, and lastly, it is an awesome example of a regular gal in a candid shot with some great fashion going on. Definitely a George Fayne outfit.
This girl on Flickr, Marciné, has a delightful style, somewhere between Bess and George. The plaid coat with the brown 60s-style outfit underneath is now jumping to the top of my want-to-have list.
I am coveting a pair of Darlingtonia moccasins on Etsy. Moccasins would be very George, but I think the blue ones with the flowers are more Bess. Would Nancy wear the navy with taupe flowers then?

Lastly, a bit of knitting. Nancy, Bess and George. All free ravelry patterns.

17 June 2010

New Name, the Meh Dress and a Giveaway!

So yes, new banner, new name, yadda yadda. I felt this would be a better inspiration because I like more of a mix between modern and vintage clothing and it would allow me to go into any decade I liked (truthfully, I have no patience for most pre-60s patterns!)

As promised, I present what I call the "Meh Dress", or the CK Dress (because it was inspired by Calvin Klein's brilliant but simple color combinations). The first photo is sort of how I dreamed the dress to be. The rest speak for themselves.
And of course, the giveaway! To enter, just leave a comment about how you would have done up the Meh Dress (your fabric choices, colors, etc.) The winner will be picked Sunday night and they may choose one of the following three patterns:
The first is a 70s dress in a sz. 16 (B38), the second is a Gunne Sax knockoff in sz. 12 (B34) and the third is a Marlo's Corner pattern for a shirt and pants or shorts in a sz. 10-12-14 (B32.5-36).

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