30 May 2010

Oh, Poo.

After seeing Su of Vively Online's version of this (see below) I'm wishing I'd gone to Joann's pattern sale today. Maybe there will still be some left tomorrow? Too bad I just blew $20 on summer sandals at Payless. Boo!

What is Flat-lining?

According to WikiAnswers:
Flat-lining is sewing your the lining and shell pieces of your project (wrong sides together) before you assemble. You then treat the flat lined piece as one; flat lining allows for a heavier weight to the material which can aid construction.

It is really mostly used in corsetry, but I felt it was appropriate in the case of my shorts, because I was using VERY thin fabric and hopefully it will help to act as a bit of a built-in-girdle. When I learned to do it we actually serged the pieces together, but as I don't have a serger I just sew mine at about 2/8 seam allowance.
I hope that answers the question about flat-lining!

And what!
I came across this on RI's cragislist a few days ago:
I am desperatley seeking to find old sewing patterns from the 40's 50's 60's or any others you may not be using. I really love the clothing styles and they don't make these anymore. You would be awesome if you replied nto my ad or called me @ ...
I will return all calls

Excuse me?! I am the only vintage-loving Rhode Islander that I know of. Where is this person from? Who are they?
I sent them an email...we'll see!

28 May 2010

Ruby Update

So I've fallen a bit behind on the Ruby shorts. I'm still cutting out fabric, but that is because I will be flat-lining my regular fabric, which is a rather see-through white with little crabs on it! I also think I made an error on the instructions because I think some piece are put on before or during the welt pocket steps. Has anyone else noticed this?
In truth, I really blame my tardiness on having to go back to the JoAnn's every darn day because I've forgotten something. Of course, just now I remember I didn't buy white thread. Red thread it shall be!
I also blame it on the fact that I am trying to finish a WWNDW dress in the hopes of re-naming the blog.
 Congrats, Nancy, on using your fabric wisely (unlike me) and I'm sure your color choices will be fine, Eleanor.

26 May 2010

A Slight Diversion From the Ruby

So we're still full steam ahead on the Ruby, I got the pattern printed at a copy shop (although the girl was a total nob-head and didn't understand that ALL the pages needed to be at the same scale because it is a SEWING PATTERN).
I'm washing my fabric as I type and I will have it cut out yadda yadda by tonight and show you all pictures.
How are yours coming along? Can I see me some fabric yet?

Now, with Memorial Day weekend in a few days, we've all been planning our JoAnn sales shopping I'm sure. I am badly in need of top patterns that aren't 1950s blouses that I will never wear. These are some options I have scrounged up from the Simplicity website. 5 for $5!
 I really love the green stripe version with the belt. Talbots petites had something similar in yellow.
I have been coveting a peasant blouse and I think either Ms. Top Left or Ms. Lower Right could be the one. Normally I never look at New Look patterns, but I really rather like this one.
My inner Gibson Girl loves this one, but again, button-up blouses and I ARE NOT friends.

25 May 2010

Troubleshooting the Ruby

That about sums up my current feelings on the Ruby Shorts. I got the pattern half-assembled last night when I noticed the test square. It was off by a 1/4 of an inch, meaning everything would be too small (by about an inch, my engineer Dad calculated). 
We messed around in Adobe for a while and when it seemed to be printing at the right size, things would then get cut off.
This is because it is set to print on 7.11 x 11.11 paper.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Simplicity Fashion News 1975

I took the time this morning to finally get through my '75 Simplicity Fashion News and post it to the Vintage Pattern Wiki.

I've got a few more pages to upload, but I've got to run take a shower!

24 May 2010

Sew-Along Update

First of all, I graduated (summa cum laude) yesterday! Yay!

Updated participant list:
1. Eleanor - Unfamiliar Ceiling
2. Nancy - 25 Dollar Vintage 
3. Summer
4. Jana - 98 Red Balloons

Since many of us seem to be having a rough start I have also re-done the itinerary.
Plus, if anyone still can't get the instructions, you can email Nancy at nancylyn@gmail.com and she will send you a copy (thanks, Nancy!)
MONDAY - Have your pattern cut out + assembled!
TUESDAY - Buy fabric!
WEDNESDAY - Cut out fabric!
Thursday - Steps 6-8 if you're doing pockets.
Friday - Steps 9/10
Saturday - Step 11
Sunday - Step 12, done!

I expect to see LOTS of really spiffy fabric!
Today I picked a What Would George or Nancy Wear? pattern. Nancy's obviously on the left and George on the right. Although I feel Nancy would skip the chunky jewelry. Green is always my first thought in color for George's wardrobe.

20 May 2010

Sew-Along Itinerary

There has been a slight glitch in our plans, friends. When I went to download the instructions it said the file was damaged and couldn't be repaired. I posted in Help about this on Burdastyle. I encourage you all to try downloading it and if it doesn't work for you either to please add to the thread I started here.
If all else fails I'm hoping to contact someone who has made them already and get a copy of their instructions.
Regardless, I have drawn up a sort of guideline as to how long I hope this will take. I'll make a more detailed one once I get the instructions.
Monday (May 24th) - Everyone should have purchased the pattern and be buying the materials.
Tuesday - Cut out pattern and assemble, cut out fabric.
Wednesday-Sunday - Sew, sew, sew!
Of course, you are all welcome to go at your own pace, since I know most of you are probably a lot busier than I am right now. If the itinerary needs to be stretched out more, let me know!

Also, here's who we've got participating:
1. Eleanor - Unfamiliar Ceiling
2. Nancy - 25 Dollar Vintage 
3. Summer
4. Jana - 98 Red Balloons

:( Sorry you're not up for it Elizabeth. When are you due? Have you done any baby sewing?
By the way, isn't this pattern so very What Would Nancy Drew Wear?

19 May 2010

Sew-Along Anyone?

Dear readers, the other day I purchased a pattern I've been meaning to purchase for a long while now: Burdastyle's Ruby Shorts.
 After my me-made-may promise sort-of falling apart, I realized that I really need to sew some things I will actually wear. Like shorts. As much as I love skirts, I am bifurcated garment lover at heart.

I'd like to start with the Ruby Shorts for a couple of reasons. The pattern is only $3, it only takes 1 3/8 yards of fabric and there are so many ways to do them up all equally cute. If you are interested, leave a comment and we'll organize something!

To convince you this is an excellent project to embark on, I present photographic evidence of just how fantastic these shorts can be.
And no excuse if you live in Australia-land...you can just make pants :p

17 May 2010

The Space Stewardess Dress and the Fabric of the Week

Let's face it. I may love the 30s, 40s and 50s but deep down I will always be a 1960s kind of gal. I've had the 60s on the brain for about two weeks (minus listening to my Andrews Sisters records). I really blame it all on Nancy Drew, because the editions I grew up with were from the 60s and so I can't help but picture her in mad men-esque dresses, slacks and tops.
So, the Fabric of the Week is a little bit 60s:
It is available over at Equilter for $9.25/yd.
Or at Hancocks, in pink for  $4.49/half yd.
This is going to be a bit detailed because it was my first time with this sort of fabric...
Pattern: Simplicity 7355, 1967
Fabric: Satin Charmeuse (100% Acetate) from Joanns ($2.99/yd)
-Despite my making a mock-up of the neck hole, it was barely big enough for my head to squeeze through.
-Despite being a petite size (5'3" and under, baby), the dress's pre-hem length was about my mid-calf. What?!
-The armhole facing was from the flamingo dress pattern and worked like a charm.
-I need a new iron. Not only does mine leak, but got a dent in the plate which my dad sanded but it is still catching.
What I Learned:
-Acetate is the worst fiber ever! If there is the tiniest drop of water the dye runs immediately and makes a big water stain. Of course, my iron leaked all over the first version of the dress. Plus it is SO DAMN HOT! I nearly passed out from dancing.
-Shiny fabrics are the worst ever! Every pin and needle leaves a mark so pinning is a nightmare and you can forget about messing up and ripping out.
-French seams on the outside of a garment look awesome. Unfortunately they pucker when done on a curve.
-Never ever let someone hem something at midnight when they are dead tired. The sides are all wonky.
-Bias-roll collars are fantastic.
-Shiny fabrics will make you the center of any photo taken with a flash.
What I Accessorized: Onyx and pearl earrings, vintage black satin gloves (birthday gift), vintage black beaded purse (birthday gift), Tahari's Si Senor black sequin high heels
Apparently, I was not entirely original with a blue dress and black heels either (bows and sequins were also abundant).
This is my fellow costumer Jess and we were twins. Several other girls also opted for the blue dress and black heels option. It was pretty funny, actually.
Never mind the fact that our louche (look it up) teacher came in a seersucker suit with a tie that matched our dresses!

16 May 2010

Lacy Peasant Sweater

I've added a new Vintage Knitting PDF to my Etsy Store today, this time for the '40s enthusiasts.
 Isn't it pretty?

13 May 2010

Help! Sixties Space Stewardess Dress Pre-Post

Just some things rolling around in my head as I try and wrap this sucker up.
I need your opinions!
I really like the makeup from this photo, but not the headband. I matching headband for my dress would just be too too much I think. So, I need to come up with another plan for my hair. Does anyone know of any good 60s hair tutorials?

Here is a photo of the dress at this point. I've got a black vintage beaded bag, black shiny gloves, black onyx earrings and black sequin super-tall slingback stillettoes. I need your opinion:
Should I leave it plain, therefore allowing me to use it for less fancy events?
Should I stick a sequin ruffly bit of trim behind the standing up yoke seam?
Should I try and do some sequins?
A black tie under the collar?
I could do a bow in my hair.
If anything, I want to avoid the realm of cheesy. Any photos you can find would be marvelous.
This one has nothing to do with anything, but I really liked it.
Plus I've got another me-made outfit:

12 May 2010

Vintage Knitting PDFs

After cleaning out my church's bi-annual yard sale of vintage goodies (hello, blue vintage luggage set with hatbox!) I ended up with an armful of old knitting magazines from the 40s-70s. Then my aunt, who heard of my purchasing escapades, sent me some more in the mail. I only knit occasionally because it takes me so long to make anything and I'm more of a hooker myself :P
I knew that I wanted to share them because surprisingly there were a lot of really pretty ones.
Now that I'm done with Uni, I actually have found time to put two of them up and I plan on putting more up every week. These are the first two...if you are interested in purchasing them, they are in my Etsy store, Vintage Stitches, for $2 apiece.
The best part is is that the yellow one doesn't require circular or double pointed needles! They are my arch-nemeses of the crafting world, along with acetate charmeuse (I'm making a 60's space stewardess dress from this for banquet which I'll post about on Friday). Fortunately, one whole book was of socks made on just two needles!

09 May 2010

Me-Mades, Fabric Stash and Senior Banquet

There is a lot of ground to cover today, so I'm going to keep the text brief.
First up, my me-made-may outfits.
Saturday: Apron for the May Breakfast I worked, sailor skirt.
 The best part about this apron was I was re-cycling the fabric and bias tape from the apron below that I had tried to make unsuccessfully. Yay!
Monday: Bloomers (under a skirt) and a headband I whipped together that morning!
Tuesday: Fourth of July shirt froma Marlo's Corner pattern (70's).
Thursday: 40s underpants.
The rest of the week I've been bad and didn't do me-made, but I did have days when I was going to be scene painting or having tech rehearsal and so I just wasn't up to it. However, the fact that I wore things I made at all is a big step forward for me, so yay! I do need to make some more shirts and maybe a pair of shorts though. Plus, my only work-appropriate me-made is the flamingo dress, but it has no pockets to put my walkie-talkie in!

Next up I got around to taking pictures of my fabric stash so you all can help me decide how to use it up.
Obviously, I really like blue!
Lastly, I've been trying to work out a dress for my senior banquet on Friday and so I photoshopped a pattern I've got. I'm going off a pair of black, sequin Tahari heels that I've got on layaway. Unfortunately they're $40! So I'm trying to spend as little as possible on the rest of the outfit.
I'm going to try to use the acetate in the photo below, and then jewel/sequin/bead the collar in black to match the shoes. I feel bad not utilizing its double-color properties in a cool, drapey way but I just don't have the time!

08 May 2010

Sassy Shoes

I can't help but find awesome shoes lately. I've got a pair of Tahari sling-backs on layaway because despite their 4 1/2" heels, they are incredibly comfortable to walk in, and my feet are extremely sensitive.
I found these on Ebay, the seller's store is amazing!
(The black version of these are on sale for $17.99!)
This next set is from Anthropologie :)
And these are from the Irregular Choice website.

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