29 April 2010

Fabric Fun Day

Of course, after my pledge to WWNDW I went and bought a pattern. But I could have bought three instead of just one, so it is not so terrible. It is a forties teen dress, to be made for day or night!
I also found a delicious bunch of novelty cottons online at Hancock Fabrics and EQuilter. Instead of buying any, I'll just share them with you.
How adorable is this!? As an adult member of GSA, I'm gaga over Girl Scout aesthetic. How lucky I am then, to be hired to make a historical costume of Juliette Lowe's 1910's uniform?
I love chicken anything, sort of as a reminder of when my family used to keep them. I don't miss the smell at all, however.
I may need to buy this one...I don't own enough red clothing, but hate solid reds usually.
Make your own flamingo dress, and we'll be jumelles (twins)!
Reading rainbow, anyone?
"A Breath of Avignon" is the name of this one.
I'm thinking a bicycle playsuit to wear whilst bicycling.
This is part of a Japanese collection that Equilter has imported. Too bad it is still way expensive.
Now, normally, this is way more than enough fabric, but I a great website called Hawthorne Threads and found some more novelty prints.
Honestly, there were probably hundreds more, but I limited myself :D

28 April 2010


So I've signed up for So Zo's "Me-Made-May" challenge since school ends at the beginning of May. It should also force me to sewdresses for my graduation, senior banquet and the two weddings I will be attending in May/June.
As you may remember, these were my original sewing goals:
So, what, after a few months, do I still plan on sewing?
3b. The bathing suit...it is due as a final exam credit on the 8th!
5a. I've got this suspender skirt already cut out.
3a/4a. I have yet to make a shirt, but I need ones that fit me badly (I'm busty but short waisted).
2a/2b. I am determined to make both of these. Perhaps the top one could be an appropriate for graduation? I am still waiting to find the perfect nautical fabrics for the lower one.

So what have I decided to change?
Well, What Would Nancy Drew Wear?
(or George or Bess)
I've decided this will be my new way of thinking about my sewing goals. Nancy would de-stash, rather than buy more fabric. She would also wear pretty, but sensible clothing, and she would never make something she wouldn't wear. She would choose colors that looked good on her. She would make muslins.
These are all things I tend NOT to do.
I'll be coming up with a more clear plan as to which fabrics I'm going to use with which patterns, etc. but these are some of my patterns that get me in a Nancy Drew/George/Bess mood.
And of course...

26 April 2010

Spring Shoe Inspiration

While avoiding homework, I came across these cuties on Zappos.
Bass (And we thought they only made fuddy-duddy manshoes)


Fred Perry

25 April 2010

The Final Hats

So I got too eager and decided to put my last two projects in the same post. The first is my last hat from my assistant design projects for the play Unbound. It is a bonnet made from a typical straw hat. Sadly, I didn't get to make my own ruffle or bows, I had to use them from another hat, but I plan to make my own bonnet this summer to match my Jane Austen dress.
The second is my precious pillbox hat, from my advanced costume class.
While it may look simple, this was probably the most labor-intensive sewing I've ever done! It is about 95% hand sewn and probably took about 15 hours to make. I wouldn't, however, let that deter me from making another one.
If you're feeling generous and have a Burdastyle account, feel free to rate it here!
I wore it to my French awards ceremony (I got an award for Excellence in French Studies) and got many a compliment. Of course, some of my friends also thought it necessary to give me a bit of a ribbing with such comments as:
"So, are you flying home?"
"You look like you're going to start singing 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'!"

24 April 2010

3 Antebellum Hats

Thus continues my little millinery stint with three antebellum hats.
Which one would you wear?

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