31 March 2010

Kasia Skirt

I don't know how many of you poke around on Burdastyle, but the Kasia Skirt pattern (which is free!!!) has been made up into many cute variations. I forsee another sailor skirt, when I have the time. Maybe a sew-along?

30 March 2010

Flamingo Dresses and Sailor Skirts

I'm stranded home due to flooding so I have time to share my dress I just finished. I needed to sew something easy and that I know would come out wearable (I've had many sewing failures lately and become a bit needle-shy).

I want your opinion...should I add the button-on belt (View 1)? In what color? Hot pink? White? My next version will be in khaki linen with a belt in tromp l'oeil rattan print.
The best part is that this pattern is a petite size, so no adjustments were needed! It is my absolute new favorite pattern.  I see many Nancy Drew/sixties dresses in my future.
Pattern: Simplicity 8788, 1970
Fabric: Cotton flannel from Fabricville in Quebec
Notes: The head hole was big enough so that I didn't need a zipper (hooray!), but the neck facing was too short (boo!) I am SO proud of myself that only one set of "flamingo stripes" didn't match up and it is under my armpit anyways.
What I Learned: Flannel, in theory is great for a little spring dress because it is warmish but by the time it gets warm enough so that your legs don't freeze it is too hot for the dress. I really need a pair of white flats. Double-fold hemming with flannel is a bad idea. Major bulkiness issues.
Apparently, I also never posted about this skirt I made for my costume class. I made View B. Sadly, this pattern is now out of print and I have lost my copy!  I really wanted to make the cropped pants version since I've already worn the skirt a bunch.
Pattern: Simplicity 2656, 2009
Fabric: Cotton-poly bedsheet, buttons are Belle Buttons by Dritz
Notes: Fits perfect, but drafted to sit 1-2" below the natural waist - it doesn't sit on the natural waist like a vintage pattern would. The yoke was tough to fit the skirt front into and when I clipped the corners (a step they failed to include in the instructions) I went a little too far. No worries, I fixed it with a little interfacing.
What I Learned: Mark in your instructions where you will put in piping. I had already done the buttonholes (there are pockets underneath!) and so by the time I remembered it was a huge pain to work around them.

27 March 2010

More Goodies

So I hit the jackpot yesterday even more than I previously mentioned. The same seller had a second lot of half-size B37 patterns AND she hugely discounted the shipping for me. What a lovely thing for her to do! Here is the second batch I picked up, making my total cost per pattern $1.34
So very Nancy Drew! Although in the pink polka-dot I think more of Bess.
I really love the neckline on this one.
The green collar-less one is a bit George and the lunchbox purse is tres cute.
I haven't decided whether or not I like this one. Maybe I could use it for my Lilly Pulitzer knock-off blouse.
This one isn't a petite, so it might be going into the shop.
The assymetrical closure! The kooky pocket! Everything I could ever want in a pattern!
And lastly my absolute favorite. If I ever have the time I'll make up three, one for Nancy, one for George and one for Bess. In the following colors...

26 March 2010

Pattern Sale!

Because I've had such luck in buying the following patterns (for a grand total of $15), most of which are half-size for petites (yay!) I'm knocking a buck off the price of all patterns in my Etsy store. The prices have already been adjusted. Since I've been reading lots of Nancy Drews from the sixties in my time of illness (my last wisdow tooth is finally gone!) you'll notice a trend in my purchases, methinks.
I'm so excited for this one. It shouldn't be hard to shorten the torso and the tennis length skirt should end up at the perfect length for me! Plus, Bess was playing tennis in the first book I read this week.
When I first started buying vintage patterns, all I bought were shirt-dresses. Maybe I'll actually make one now.
This one might end up in my store unless I really love the coat part of the pattern.
This one could be suitable for Nancy, George or Bess.
I hope this one has all the pieces, although it is a bit fussy for my taste.
I don't know if I really love either of these, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

23 March 2010

Cosmetic Toxicity

Le sigh. This photo is the result of a little challenge my sister I and did for ourselves this weekend. We looked up all our beauty products on the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. These are all the products we shall never be buying again and we've even thrown out a few (the ones that got a 10/10 toxicity rating). Most were a 4 or higher.
The worst were the Bikini Zone Creme (tumors developing from moderate use!), Jergens lotion, Victoria's secret lotion, Noxzema and the CVS Cherry Chap-Block.
Notice there are no nail polishes? My family is avidly anti-nail polish, and with good reason. They're one of the most toxic beauty products, along with hair dye.
To make up (hahaha) for having to get rid of some of these, I'm ordering some mineral makeup on Etsy. Stay tuned!

19 March 2010

Rendering Marathon: Wicked Witch of the West

This is one of the last ones, chronologically speaking, that I actually painted when I did this project. As you can see, the patchwork shows up in almost all aspects of her outfit. Both the skirt and blouse were taken from pagan quilt designs. I'm not gonna lie, I really want a pair of granny boots like those!

18 March 2010

Rendering Marathon: We're Off to See the Wizard!

So of course, I had to kickoff with Dorothy. The theme for my project was Patchwork/Quilting but I was also trying to update as well. How many teenage girls go scurrying about in full-skirted gingham dresses nowadays anyways? Not enough!
The best part is that her shoes are done in glitter glue.

17 March 2010

Rendering Marathon Day 6 and New Patterns

 I just wanted to remind everyone that I've got new patterns up in my shop, all $5 or less.
We've reached the final day of The Miser renderings. It is yet again another 2-for-1 deal because I feel the last one is pretty boring. The top one, Mariane, is Cleante's love, even though his father Harpagon (the miser) has designs to marry her as well. The next set will involve Wicked Witches, Patchwork, and a Bling-Sporting-Lion!

15 March 2010

Oh Zac Posen!

Why do you create things like this?
And is this a man or a woman? It said their name was Alek...check out the scary ankle pom-poms.
I really like these much better. Kthx.

Rendering Marathon Day 5

Sorry I missed a day (or two?) but my laptop got a virus and so I can't use it until my dad comes home and fixes it on Wednesday. This unfortunately has disrupted my research process for a play called "Unbound" I'm assistant designing. All my research is on my computer, but I don't dare email it to the designer in fear of giving her the virus. So...I have to start all over again :( If you know of any antebellum artists, let me know! I have to research how Northen gentlemen dressed versus Southern gentlemen/plantation owners during 1830-1840.
Since I skipped a day and these two have fairly uninteresting outfits, I decided to lump them together. If I remember correctly, Valere is the love of Mariane and also the family's butler/valet? Master Jacques is both the cook and the coachman.

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