28 February 2010


Since not all my patterns have been selling as well lately, I'm hosting a giveaway!The winner may pick one of the patterns featured in this post or anything currently in my Etsy store (I will be uploading them before the winner is picked on Sunday). After the giveaway, the other patterns will be available for purchase in my Etsy store. Read below for more details!

The catch? You have to leave a comment here, telling me about your favorite sewing pattern (links to images or posts are welcome, of course!). You don't have to own it, or even have made it, you just have to love it.
*The purple overdress pattern is a B36.
*Butterick 4804 is actually a size B35.
EDIT! All entries must be in by the end of this Friday.

27 February 2010

Ah, Patterns

There is nothing better than winning a pattern like this for a grand total of $5. And it being in your size. 
If only I had some brilliant Heather Ross fabric to make it up in. Such as:


Happy patternday my delightful readers! Today I've decided not only to include Ebay patterns, but also some of my vintage-inspired favorites from modern pattern companies.

-40s Hollywood Sundress with Scalloping ($0.99)
-50s Marian Martin Halter Sundress ($0.99)
-50s Anne Adams Playsuit ($0.99)
-50s Advance Swing Jacket ($0.99)
-50s Pedal Pushers/Shorts ($1.49)
-40s Plus Size House Dress ($6.99)
-50s Butterick Skirt ($0.99)

These are my top picks from Vogue:

22 February 2010

Cute as a Button

First things first: I found this really spiffy Lilly Pulitzer top that looked like an adult version of the garment below (which I made from a 1957 pattern), only in cream and pale gold jacquard. Sadly, its $80 price tag prevented me from buying it, so I'm considering trying to make one. Have you seen any pattern that are kind of like it? I suppose I could always try and make one.

Secondly, are these buttons not the cutest? And the best part is they are handmade and she takes requests. You get 5 for about $12. I'm thinking some sand dollar buttons would just be the most!
Lastly, I found this fantastic blog where the author provides free scans of vintage embroidery transfers. So get stitchin' ladies! This is my favorite so far:

20 February 2010


I've just not been in the mood for vintage lately (gasp, I know!) but I am sticking to Patternday nonetheless. I've not been totally lazy in my lack of posts, because I've been busy creating the following.
A Valentine's cross-stitch for my beau.
Roses for a hat and cape for the production of A Flea In Her Ear.

On to the patterns...
-50s Sheath Sailor Dress $4.99 
-50s Cocktail Dress with Huge Bow $4.99  
-40s Scalloped Apron $4.99 
-40s Gathered Blouse $4.99

14 February 2010

Links 'n Things

After reading through my blogroll this morning, I've found some good stuff I wanted to share with you.

Anna at the Pleasant View Schoolhouse came up with this idea for making/thrifting your own hat stands. I can't wait to make my own now, as all my hats are stacked up in a pile on my bookshelf.

The most hilarious cross-stitches you will ever see. I'm trying to come up with one for a gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day (today). I know, I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Lastly, these are the new patterns I've got up in my shop ($5 apiece).

13 February 2010


Don't forget to check out what I've got listed in my Etsy shop!

-40s Dirndl Dress/Suit $2.99
-40s Drop Waist Sundress $2.99
-40s Tailored Dress $3.99
-Early 50s Pintuck Sundress or Shirtwaist Dress $0.99
-40s Tea Dress $4.99
-40s Dirndl Jumper $4.99
-Late 40s Frilly Housedress $4.99

12 February 2010

Lapped Zipper Tutorial

So since I learned how to properly sew in a lapped zipper (I have never been able to understand the directions that come with the zipper itself), I decided to make myself a little tutorial when in case I forget! Now, I'm sharing it with you. I apologize for the sound (never mind my amazing hairdo) and the fact that it isn't HD, but I think it does the job.

Coming Up Roses n' Daisies

According to millinery in the 1930's, brown-eyed susans are appropriate with white daises for a girl from 12-18, but altogether "too gaudy" for a middle-aged woman! Just a fun fact I thought you might like, out of a Women's Institute pamphlet. I was reading it because I have been making the flowers on the 1909 hat below. I'll have better photos soon, that was taken before it was finished. I made the roses using a Threads tutorial, which I guess they don't have online, but I found this one for a really lovely lotus flower.
On a much sadder note, our beloved Alexander McQueen died yesterday. He really blended costuming with fashion in a way quite unlike anyone else and he will be so missed.

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