30 January 2010

Patternday Pt. II

Since the Gods of Ebay and Etsy have smiled upon me today: I got a second chance at a Kodak Brownie Bullet Bakelite Camera that originally sold for $30 and I snapped up for $11. Then, I found this pattern for only $2 because the shirt pattern wasn't included and I've very much had 40s sundresses on the brain, even though the weather here has been about 0-10 degrees farenheit! So as my gift to you, I'm also going to post all the REALLY dirt cheap/super cute pattern listings that I usually save for myself.

-40s Sundress with diagonal scallop design ($4.99)
-40s Sunback Dress ($3.99)
-40s Peplum Dress ($3.99)
-40s Teen Evening Gown ($5.95)
-40s Teen Evening Gown ($7.25)
-40s Nightgown ($4.99)
-50s Teen Full-skirted Dress ($1.95)
-50s Scalloped Blouse ($5)
-30s Dress ($3.99)

I only request that if you buy this one, you let me copy it!


Yet another week of successful pattern finds! In case you were unsure, I link to the patterns with the price, not the photo. So if you want to check one out, click the price beneath it.

Not to toot my own horn, but I've also got some patterns ($5 apiece or less) up in my Etsy shop. I should be adding more soon.

-40s Sundress and Jacket $4.99
-2 40s Pattern Lots $8.99 and $7.99 
-2 Kooky Floral-themed Aprons $4.99 and $4.99
-3 40s Cute Mail Order Dresses $3.99 and $6.99 and $6.99




26 January 2010

First Day Back

Wore my new favorite shoes ($5 at Savers), but since the heels are worn down to the screws I get a little Marilyn wiggle-walk going on. Inspired by Jen over at Pretty Little Pictures.

24 January 2010

In Which I Wear Joan Holloway and Am a Haute Mess

I'm selling off some of my patterns at my Etsy, so go check 'em out.

Marina (what a lovely name!) at The Mome Rath has quite generously given me a "Haute Mess Award". So you lucky gals get to learn 7 more things about me.
1. I spend money as though it were going to burn a hole in my purse. This will someday give the Boy an ulcer.
2. I love to play pool. I used to be really quite good but I don't have time to practice anymore.
3. Even though blue is my favorite color, neutrals come in a close second. Something about mixing brown, black, white, grey and navy is addicting.
4. If I could wear red rain boots every day, I would, because they go with everything!
5. Toast is my favorite food. I love it with butter, jam, cream cheese, peanut butter, you name it.
6. I collect antique/vintage school texts.
7. "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller Band is my current music addiction.

Okey-dokes, on to the more interesting stuff, the sewing! While I have the to-sew-list, I needed to clear out my sewing boxes first. In order to prevent overwhelming myself, I have four oversize photo boxes from Ikea in which I store sewing projects. It is an excellent way to organize and prevent losing pattern pieces (or whole patterns, as I have done) and stop myself from cramming projects into a corner. This outfit is one of said projects, originally intended for the Mad Men sewing contest way back in October, but didn't have time to finish.

Channeling Joan, but still a total Peggy!

I used Simplicity 3358 (1960), which I highly recommend, and McCalls 5082 (1959) from the 60s that was still way too long. I added the ruffle (made out of what I chopped off the too-long hem) myself, and am naming it the "Best in Show Skirt". Now all I need is some warm weather and to add some pockets to the skirt.

What I Learned:
1. Alter the length of a skirt pattern before cutting it. That way the cute kick pleat won't get chopped off!
2. Blouses are much better when made in a properly draping thin cotton (I used a crepe cotton).
3. Zippers come out much better when hand sewn.

23 January 2010

Patternday: A Veritable Jubilee of Patterns

There are a couple of things to cover today. Firstly, I go back to school on Monday so there will be much less posting and much less sewing. Secondly, I have remembered that I have to make a dress for Senior Banquet so I will probably be switching out a pattern from the chosen 10. Thirdly, I got two amazing patterns from the 1970s this morning. I know many of you, simply because you were around then, pooh-pooh that era. There are definitely things I don't like from that era, but here are two I couldn't pass up:

The first not only LOOKS like a Gunne Sax, it IS a Gunne Sax. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that it was only $5 I've been in love with G.S. ever since I used one for a costume in a play. Unfortunately they
usually only come in windfallen-apple-eating hippie sizes and even then they're about $50-$100.
The second is a bit deceptive. Not only is it a tennis dress, but I noticed when I read the back of the pattern that it does double duty as a swimsuit! So I apologize to those of you who were looking forward to that swimsuit I was going to sew because #4 is probably going to replace. I'll do it up properly though, in gingham or something and with ribbons. The best part was it came to a grand total of $2.49!

OK, I won't burden you anymore with the awful seventies-ness. On to the patterns! You are forewarned that it has been a really fortuitous day of pattern finding.
These next two are for you English ladies...based out of the UK, this seller has many 1930s patterns. If you buy one, I expect a copy as a finders fee! *wink*

This next seller was a treasure trove of goodies. I actually had to NOT list some of the patterns I found.

22 January 2010

Q & A

Here are the answers to your questions for me!
Q: "I would love to hear more about your Costume Design course--what classes do you take? What are your favorite time periods?"

A: Unfortunately, it is more of a concentration...my degree will be in Theatre, so I have to learn a lot outside of my classes, because there simply aren't very many. My classes are as follows: Basic Costume Design (drawing renderings for plays), 2 Costume History classes that cover up to 1920, a sample Mhttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=1105425262806282843&postID=1596973125030691211akeup course, and Advanced Costume Design which I have this semester. We will learn drafting, draping, advanced sewing skills, and maybe even a bit of millinery! I also get course credit for working in the Costume Shop and for designing a student-directed show (click here to see).
My favortie time period...unfortunately, in my line of work, you have to learn to find something good in every period or you'll go cuckoo! But I do have favorites, nonetheless. Obviously I love the first half of the 1900s, but they're still considered relatively modern. I adore Edwardian and Regency. My two least favorites are probably Civil War (I find this period horribly unflattering and hoop skirts are a nightmare) and Rococo (many interesting movies are set during this era, but panniers are yack).

Q: "What was the first vintage pattern that you ever sewed?"

A: Simplicity 5630, 1964. Sewed while watching the new Nancy Drew movie. It actually came out surprisingly well, for having no idea what I was doing and for using an icky liner fabric. I made a short sleeved version because I didn't want a jumper or long sleeves. My dad payed me the compliment of saying that I looked like my grandmother.
This is how it came out:
Q: "As for a question, what kinds of crochet projects have you done?"

A: Well, I've done about a bajillion granny squares it feels like, and yet only have enough for about a 1/4 of an afghan! These are my other projects:
They are all free ravelry.com patterns (one of my most favorite sites EVER). The two hats are the same pattern, and I made a third for my youngest sister but haven't got a photo of it yet. The last photo is the socks I was working on.

Q: "What was your first thought when you realized what was happening?" (when I sewed through my finger)

 A: It wasn't bleeding so I think that is why my first thought was OMG I am stuck to my machine! Once I was out of the machine and I had noticed that it didn't really hurt, my next thought was that I should take Emma in case I got stuck in the waiting room. It only bothered me because anything remotely gory gives me the heebeejeebies.

Q: "... apart from your bra-less pyjama-ed state, what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever worn in public?"

A: Probably the outfit in the post below. Although at the time, I thought it was totally cool. That and everything my mom dressed me in from 5th grade through 9th. I think I need to do a post on my childhood fashions, they're quite amusing.

20 January 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Having spent the morning tossing my cookies from the medicine for my finger, the gift of a Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely and talented Leizel of Crafty as Hell was a nice surprise! Of course, that's not all there is to it (one can never get off easy, eh?), so here is what I must do:

1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog (see below right)
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we might not know
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award
5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award

7 Things About Me You Might Not Know (I'll still do a separate Q&A)
1. I lived in Quebec for the four coldest months of my life, ever!
2. I used to dress like this:

3. I am a firm believer in teaching yourself to do things, because you can't just wait around for someone else!
4. I'm 21, almost done with college and I still want to be a dancer when I grow up!
5. Peter Mayle is my favorite author.
6. The most amazing thing I have done in my life is go snorkeling in Central America.
7. I love this boy:

7 Bloggers I Am Awarding (this was hard, my blogroll is so long!)

 1. Whipstitch Sewing - Not only does she make the cutest vintage-inspired outfits, she has a great tutorial on covering your shoes in fabric to match your dress!
2. Pleasant View Schoolhouse - Anna is an amazing seamstress and an allover inspiring person.
3. Welcome to Deluxeville - Ms. Deluxeville has great style, and I had to give her one for her recent posts of her grandparents love letters.
4. Clothed Minds - One of the funniest pattern related blogs ever, I crack up every time I read it.
5. My Happy Sewing Place - I wish I had the drive to sew as much as Debi does, and I can only wish that mine would come out as nice.
6. The Sew Weekly - Not only does this lady sew a whole garment a week, they always look amazing! Kudos!
7. A Rambling Fancy - Not as much a sewing blog as the others, but there's always something interesting going on here.

19 January 2010

In Which Alyssa Sews Through Her Finger and You Can Ask All You Want

It really was inevitable. I've always been a little careless with my foot being on the pedal while adjusting, but it was still quite surprising. Mostly, I'm just glad I didn't get a shard in my eye, although I almost had that happen before as well (curse you, Queen Elizabeth dress!)
I was sewing along one of the last seams on a floor cushion when my machine made a horrible noise and I realized I was attached to my machine. Being so shocked I couldn't yet feel upset I managed to somewhat calmly yell for my Dad, who thought to first unplug the machine so I couldn't sew it through again, while I started furiously unscrewing the needle holder. The needle still wouldn't come out! It was then that I realized the needle was still in the fabric so I had to hand crank the needle, and my finger, back up.
It went perfectly through the center tip of my left pointer finger, and later, I discovered, through the bone. This explains why when I tried to pull it out myself it felt rather stuck (yes, I made a mental decision to ignore all my Red Cross training, I know, dumb dumb dumb). This was when I started crying. Long story short, my Dad drove me to the emergency room, they jabbed my finger with another needle, this time full of novocaine so that it swelled like a balloon and then they pulled it out. I was a bigger sissy about the novocaine needle actually, as I hate hate hate needles and shots (go figure, however, that I've got 7 ear piercings). I've got it in a jar, but I wish I'd managed to get a picture of it. Then I had to go sit in the Wal-Mart pharmacy for 45 minutes in my pajamas from last night, with no bra and not having taken a shower because I've been down with a possible case of strep!
The worst part is that I now have to delay work on my socks I'm crocheting, which I'm SO close to finishing, and the Granny-A-Day as well.
So since I really won't have anything to post about for a week or so, I'm going to do a little Q&A. I love getting to know the people whose blogs I read so when you leave a comment, feel free to ask me anything you want and in the next few days I'll do an Answer post. The other thing I'd like from my dear readers is to know how you've been injured while sewing (this article featuers some common ones, quite a few of which I've done).
Bisoux bisoux!

16 January 2010

Saturday is Patternday

Keeping in tradition with my old blog, I bring you the first Vintage or Bust! Patternday. Since they're from Ebay I'm afraid I can't get  most of the pictures, but they're worth checking out for sure!

1. Advance 4217 - 40s playsuit with unique abdominal keyhole detail. $4.99/$2 S+H
2. New York 840 - 40s dress with ruffly bits. $4.99/$1.5 S+H
3. McCall 7198 - 40s culottes. $1.99/$1.90 S+H
4. McCall 6695 - 40s 2 piece peplum dress/suit. $2.99/$1.95 S+H
5. Lot of 3 40s dresses $5.95/$2.75 S+H
6. DuBarry - 2 40s aprons. $0.99/$3.00 S+H

15 January 2010


What's a sick girl to do with a night to herself? Click on for some sweet surprises.

A. Drink tea.
B. Read Emma.
C. Begin plans of finally making this pattern in a really lovely fabric.
D. Dream of going on the Sense and Sensibility Patterns tour through England.
E. All of the above.

Or, if you are delusional with fever, you might sign up for the Granny-a-Day Crochet-along!
(My throw-all-cares-to-the-wind-and-later-regret-it answer to finishing a granny afghan. What am I, cuckoo?)

14 January 2010

Ye Olde Bathing Suite

Already the search is on to find or make the best bathing suit, as you will know if you read a certain post on Sew Retro this morning. Here are some links to get you started on your research:
3. Glamoursplash, a blog about vintage swimwear

Vintage Swim Cap $12
I'm fortunate enough to owna Jantzen similar to the charming suit worn here (although I wish the top was like this one, mine has thick straps and is a wrap style):

If I were buying one this year, these would be my personal picks:
 1. and 2. $110 each Drama Queen Swim Line

12 January 2010

DuBarry 2587B

Two days later than promised, but well worth the wait, I think, I finally present to you my first project from my list of 10. There were ups and downs, but if I can get more of the fabric (especially as it came out to $2/yd. as opposed to $6) I think I shall be inclined to make the bra as well so that I have a matching set.
Fabric: 100% Cotton Shirting, Herringbone weave (Joann's)
Total Cost: $2
What I Learned:
1. Shirting makes for great undergarment material when it has the right weight. It is super soft and light. The downfall is the herringbone weave makes it a bit stretchy, hence the flare-age on the hems.
2. Do not second guess yourself on sizing. The pattern was one size too small, so I graded up. Still nervous, I used 1/2" seams instead of 3/4". They were ginormous! Not only did I have to elasticize the waist, I made a giant pintuck (see photo no. 3) to take in the leftovers.
3. Buy the correct size buttons. Especially do not buy too big, roundy-topped, coat-styled buttons designed to look like mini buffalo nickels. Even if they are only 2/8" bigger, they will not work because the placket will be too tiny.
4. Do not second guess yourself on sizing (deja-vu?) buttonholes. Too big is better than not big enough, although no matter what size buttonhole you make there will be a button to fit it. They just won't be amazing buffalo-nickel buttons. Le sigh.
5. Don't try to "lengthen" a buttonhole. It will look awful. Sew them with the right side facing up because you can better judge placement and the stitching looks better.

I'm quite excited because I didn't even buy any of the trim! I found it downstairs in my mom's sewing box, which usually contains nothing of worth because she doesn't sew. However, with a little creativity and inspiration from my previous post on my love of yellow (it is almost just as amazing when used with grey) I now have flashy drawers instead of boring ones. That my friends, is being thrifty, and therefore an accomplishment towards my resolution to use other people's junk what I have and spend less.

Excuses and Inspiration

I apologize for the DuBarry drawers pattern not being done. It took longer and needs some unexpected alterations that I will explain when I post about it. They should be finished in a couple of hours given that I can find some really tiny elastic. In place of the afore-mentioned subject I present a collage of photos that have very much been in my mind for spring sewing.

1. Ravelry 2. Etsy 3. the snail and the cyclops 4. ? 5. Casey's Elegant Musings 6. ? 7. A fashion show 8. ? 9. ? 10. Timeless Vixen Vintage
If anyone can remember what blog photo no. 4 comes from (the two girls in blue), I will love you forever!
I always love blue but lately I'm having a bit of a love affair with yellow (or is it a threesome because I want to include blue too?) This could be due to the fact that the professor I loathe at school hates yellow, or that I got yellow suede boots for Christmas. Either way, it will surely be popping up in my sewing!

10 January 2010

Lazybutt McProcrastinator

This has been me up until today...but my dressform has finally arrived! I assembled it this morning, so I have no more excuses. I am off to buy fabric for DuBarry 2587B (the 40's underpants) and I will finish the almost-done-skirt. By golly, I will have a post up by tonight!

08 January 2010

Almost a Skirt

Despite both my stupid overworked computer, camera and firefox browser failing me this morning, I have finally come up with a post! Huzzah!
First things first, the patterns you all chose for me to sew this year:

Secondly, I had been hoping to have a skirt finished by today but the waistband was about 4 inches too short, so you will have to wait a wee bit longer because I have to go to work at COPA today. If I am lucky, my dressform will come today and then I can use that when finishing. So instead, I have made a little collage of items from Etsy that I would wear with aforementioned skirt. I'm pretty sure I was a stewardess in a past life. A French one.

02 January 2010

100% Vintage

Welcome, lovely readers. If you were a reader of LPC, thanks for coming on over! Like numerous other bloggers, I have New Year's Resolutions, such as: 1. Get fit 2. Eat better 3. Stop procrastinating...and...4. SEW MORE!

In order to do so, I have devised a list of 10 patterns I would like to sew this year. Rather than one-a-month I decided 10 would be more reachable and if I have time, then I can always add more. I can switch out patterns, but I may not add any until I am done with the first 10. And lastly, I will make them wearable. This is important.

Now, I have chosen five of the patterns that I definitely want to sew:

1. DuBarry 2587B (1941) - Just the underpants for now...I'm not ready for bras!
2. Mail Order 2179 (1947) - Definitely in a nautical theme, methinks.
3. McCall's 9705/Simplicity 3899 (?/1952) - I want the cute sweetheart top with the bottoms of the lower look, but elasticized so I don't flash anyone.
4. Simplicity 4768 (1954) - Sweet n' simple and a staple to boot. I've got rose shaped buttons lined up for this one already.
5. Simplicity 8208 (1969) - I badly need skirts that are comfortable (aka don't need a slip), flattering and adorable and I think this fits the bill. The high waist is a total bonus.

This is where you all come in. I need you to each vote for five of the following:
1. Simplicity 7177 (1975-Dress, view 2)
2. Vogue 8813 (1974-View B)
3. Simplicity 1626 (1930s-Collared Shirt, maybe the shorts if I have time!)
4. McCall 8098 (1950-View B)
5. Simplicity 3414 (1950-View 2)
6. McCall 8195 (1950-View B)
7. Simplicity 7542 (1968)
8. Mail Order 8570 (1940s)
9. Mail Order 3035 (1940s)

Bisoux bisoux!

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