06 November 2010

School House Rock Live Costumes

  Look! Me with the most amazing cast ever! I love them all for wearing the weird things I came up with.
So School House Rock Live! is finally done and I'm already doing research on Annie which is leaving little time to blog. However, I have tomorrow off so I promise that the giveaway will be posted by Monday. I also have those photos of the September dress and maybe I'll get some buttonholes done while I am at it. For now, you get my final photos that will go in my portfolio! It is so exciting to have something other than my work from college (aka clothes I made for myself).
These continents were stuck on with the amazing fusible webbing, which, sadly, is not machine washable. They took a whole day in themselves because the cutting was quite detailed.
 This was definitely one of the most fun costumes to make because it involved chopping up teddy bears! The bear slippers were inspired by teddy bear dresses made by Moschino.
Shulie's costume was possibly the most time intensive due to the excessive use of puffy paint. The actress appreciated her ill placed 4 and left a little trail of gold glitter everywhere she went from the stars on her sleeves.
While these last two don't look complicated, they were, because it is practically impossible to applique onto a pant leg using a sewing machine. The leg is too long to cram onto the machine and too thin to rotate around corners properly, so the letters were done in steps. Still, I think they look the most professional out of all the costumes and now I've got some ideas for my own clothes!


  1. That's a great costume ensemble! I love the variations for Dori best -- those ginormous letters are just awesome.

  2. Argh ... the pictures are showing up for me. :(

  3. I really, REALLY want to see these pictures .... but they all seem to be broken links. :(


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