05 October 2010

Jason's Quilt

Until the weather improves enough for good pictures of my new dress, you can be entertained with pictures of my Christmas gift to Jason (from two years ago?) Which then became his birthday gift. And then sat, unfinished because I was too lazy to find a jersey sheet set to make a backing. To my credit, I think it was worth two holidays of gifts, both effort and cost-wise (see below).
So he bought one at work and it sat in my car throughout my senior year of college. When I cleaned my car out for the summer it did actually make it into the house but it was stuffed away behind my sewing things. Since we are going camping in a week I decided it might be nice for me to finish the quilt so we can use it on the trip. Plus I got a puppy dog face a few months back because I was "making things for everyone but me!" - Jason. Which was true, shame on me.
Don't worry, this is my room, not his! You can even see the self-portrait from my last post.
So as the result of all of yesterday and half of Disney's Peter Pan today, we have Jason's quilt. Every square has something to do with Jason's personality and tastes.

The stats:
45+ t-shirts
4 polos
Approx. $4/shirt
Total cost:  $180, 2 years and lots of love <3

Plus also, I owe you all 10 things about myself for my Beautiful Blogger award from Debi...(this is so old!)
1.  I love anything to do with skeletons and skulls.
2. I try and write letters as often as I can, especially because it means I get to put a wax seal on it while trying not to catch the letter on fire.
3. I'm currently reading Mansfield Park (Sense and Sensibility Patterns Regency sew-along anyone?) and am having a hard time keeping track of all the characters.
4.  I enjoy showers by candlelight.
5. I'm getting better at keeping my room clean, but I still can't balance my debit/chequebook.
6. I kind of really want these for pajamas ($16 from wal-mart):
7. And these slightly more expensive shoes:
8. Christmas can't come soon enough.
9. I wish I had more time to go to museums.
10. Am greatly amused by this article and this article proclaiming Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld) to be the new fashion icon. The best part is it is so true!


  1. OMG, what a fun quilt! Have you ever checked out Denyse Schmidt quilts? (Randomly, she has a factory in *Bridgeport*.) I was just reading through her book tonight, looking for Christmas present inspiration... thinking of making a table runner & pot holders. Yay Christmas!

  2. I've had a pattern for this very quilt for, ohh, ten years, and still haven't snipped the first t-shirt. But at least I now have the inspiration to finally get started! :-)


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