04 October 2010

Final Days of SSS

SSS is finally over! Hooray!
I think my slow descent into cuckoo-land, as apparent in the following photos, documents my final feelings about SSS just before I gave up because the changing weather and having to go live in Hartford the past two weekends.
 Self-crocheted headband, taken in front of my self-drawn cubist fruit.
The ruby crab shorts! I later ditched the sweater as it was warm out.
Marlo's Corner '70s blouse, worn under a t-shirt and cardigan. My last real effort at SSS.
Peasant blouse, worn the first weekend in Hartford which had almost 90 degree weather. I went to a craft fair in this because it was too hot to wear anything else. Of course, the next weekend (the last in September) it was in the low 70s. Go figure.
Not technically part of SSS, although the necklace was handmade by a woman in Canada out of 18th century beads (a lovely gift from my friend Kelsey). However, I did want to show off my effort at a hairdo. I am very lazy with my hair because it will pretty much look good if I do absolutely nothing to it. But instead this day I opted for a sort of 00s/40s/80s pouf (very Elaine Benes, since she is apparently the new fashion icon) with a twisted half-updo. Amazingly, it stayed up all day, despite hot and humid weather and my half hour commute with the window down.

I have a much more introspective post I'm preparing about SSS, along with a new dress I've made but you shall have to wait until I can take pictures!


  1. I love the pouf! And all your crazy pictures!!!!!

    Elaine is a style icon again?! Where have I been?!?!?!?!

  2. Lovely hair! And I like the fruit picture! :)


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