14 September 2010

SSS Days 9-13

Things have been so crazy around here! I promise I'll get around to looking/commenting on everyone's SSS posts someday and also posting about my new projects.
Until then...
Day 9: I wore my peasant top (Simplicity 2415), and "Meh Dress" Simplicity 8788 (1970)to work. I still find the jumper/dress to be a bit unflattering, but it is ten-fold improved  with stockings and a blouse underneath! It provides some contrast and prevents it from washing me out so much. Clay/taupe just isn't a good color on me. I was so excited to wear tights finally!
Day 10: Yet another peasant top, this time Scottish Highlander style (Simplicity 2415). Zipped out the night before so I could wear it to work. I screwed up royally trying to finish it two days before and then made myself slow down and do it right (although one sleeve is actually backwards, oops). It it made of a lovely, cozy flannel. I want to make a jumper to go with it. I'm holding up my new treasure from JoAnn's...you'll be finding out about that later.
Day 11: Peasant top (Simplicity 2415), worn to work. Are you bored of these yet? Despite the repetitiveness, it goes great with my new fall-colored argyle sweater, which I am SO EXCITED about and my olive Gap jeans.
Day 12: Simplicity 3358 (1960) tie blouse. Worn to church, which is a great excuse to wear the more dressy items I've made. I paired it with my new plaid skirt, my old wool Gap sweater, teal tights and those great Sofft shoes I posted about. My sisters told me I looked like I was from a WWII movie (especially with the beret I was originally wearing). How about some close-ups?
Day 13: Crocheted Puff-Stitch Slouchy Hat from Ravelry. I wore it to my first production meeting/rehearsal at my new theater job for good luck, since this was pretty much what I wore everyday in my last year of college. The jacket is vintage 80s does 40s and I've got another one in a yellow, scotch tape plaid. They are 100% wool and toasty! I love love love them and am always keeping an eye out for more at local thrift stores.


  1. I love how you are incorporating the plaids into your wardrobe! Fantastic!

    And I do love the Sofft shoes.

    BTW, the red plaid Jacket really works on you - very The Sartorialist!

  2. Love the plaid jacket, the colours are wonderful. Like the tie blouse too and that is a very cute outfit.

  3. Not many people could make that plaid work but it looks super cute on you! And the horse brooch is great with that other outfit.


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