08 September 2010

SSS Days 5-8

First things first, I got the delight of my life this morning when I woke up to find that Alison of Project Runway, Season 3 had mentioned my plaid dress (see previous post) in an article on Mad Men for Burdastyle! By the way, if we're not already friends on BS, please friend me! I miss a lot of your sewing projects because I don't get around to checking my computer every day :( and this would prevent that.

Moving right along, here are my days:
For Day 5 I had my trusty peasant top (Simplicity 2415) and my knitted headband which, as you can see, I wore apple picking and then to work. Day 6 was kind of a bust because I had a long work shift and had to wear sneakers (so no self-stitched-skirts) so I just wore a headband I'd made.
And for Day 7 I popped this fancy little 1950's bolero on for a lunch date at Whole Foods with Jason. I downplayed its cutesiness with ripped jeans and old chucks. I'm proud of this one because it made me take the time to fix the bow by adding snaps to prevent droopy-bow syndrome. And the pose? To show why I haven't been sewing! My uncle is re-doing our countertops, meaning everything it in the dining room - my usual sewing space.

 As for Day 8, I had a much better and more comfortable outfit planned since I was going to be doing sewing and chores all day but this backfired when it the weather got humid and my original shirt had a big off-yellow stain down the front. Hopefully bleach will take it out as I've already tried regular laundering. This outfit only lasted so long, as pencil skirts are not floor-sitting garments and that is where I was doing my sewing work.

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  1. Added you on Burdastyle! Though, most of my projects show up on my blog first :)
    Love the bolero jacket! It's equally cute over jeans as it would be over a dress or skirt.


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