04 September 2010

SSS Days 3 and 4

There's lots of sewing and planning and whatnot going on here at WWNDW, particularly inspired by Sarah's Hepburn/Hepburn project at Rhinestones and Telephones and Miss Dandy's post on Annie Hall, but you'll have to wait on those because I'm dashing this post off before I scurry to work.

Yesterday was rainy but not really cooler so I opted for a lacy shrug I knitted awhile back, paired with 2/3 of my yoyo brooch. It was worn out for errands, especially, as you can tell, to JoAnn's to scope out yarn. Of course I got fabric instead! I love my shrug but it has stretched out under its own weight over time, so I need to re-knit it.

Today was much cooler, in the 70s, so I decided to take advantage of it and wear the "Mad For Plaid" dress. I'd never actually worn it in the past 3 years because it was huge in the bodice. I finally did alterations in August and now it fits great.

I'm also really excited because I just ordered the pattern to make this dress, as seen on a blog called Green Apples (she makes loads of cute stuff!) Of course, I don't have her gorgeous hair color or that fabric, but I'm hoping I can pull something cute off.


  1. Luverly! The shrug is so cute!

  2. Love the shrug with the pinwheels! I can't wait to see your version of that dress - I love mine, and now I'll have to wear it next week!

  3. That plaid dress is so cute. It fits perfectly.

  4. I just bought that pattern too!! Can't wait to start on mine and see yours :)


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