02 September 2010

SSS Days 1 and 2

1-2 Peasant shirt  3 Ruby shorts  4 Corduroy skirt  5 Flamingo dress  6 Flyaway cardigan  7 60s blouse  8, 13-14 70s blouse  9 Sailor skirt  10 60s Pencil skirt  11 Knit shrug  12 50s bolero  15 High-waist shorts  16 60s bloomers  17 40s drawers  18 50s poncho  A Headband  B Knit Hat  C Brooch  D Pillbox hat
In order to help me choose outfits I've made an SSS chart for myself! It gives a great overview as to what I've been making and is helping me fill in the gaps. For example...no pants! And who knew that almost everything I've sewn is either blue or pink?
Choosing my first outfit for SSS was pretty easy though, because I found something out about this skirt over the past week...
LL Bean is selling practically the same skirt! In several different styles, for $14.99 as part of their end of summer sale. Now, I was tempted to buy one, particularly the sailor-themed one, and then said, DUH. I can just make myself some more! Although I think I would go down a size or stitch up the pleat a bit for the more fitted look and also shorten it. You too can make some, you just need Simplicity 2656 which is a modern pattern. 
So, in general I felt pretty awesome about wearing this skirt to work yesterday. Later, when I went out for my sister's birthday dinner I used my new, self-sewn purse! It is from Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finanger.
 For day 2, I went with my final summer essential because of the 90+ degree weather. Curse you, indian summer/Hurricane Earl! That knocks out a good portion of the patterns I wanted to make during SSS.
 I don't love it since it doesn't fit properly. No "new narrow shoulder look" for me! The color is also questionable and it looks completely unflattering with anything but shorts. I put my hair up in little-swiss-girl buns to go with the trim, which I just added this morning and has warmed me to it a little.


  1. I LOVE your SSS chart! I also love your new Simplicity top! The trim and bib look great! And I think that color looks really good on you!

  2. Your chart is such a great idea...i love your new top too!

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE your wardrobe sketch! So cute. It looks like you could play paper dolls with it and test different outfits together. (Tape them on a photo of yourself for extra fun!)
    I have no pants either! I'm going to try and make a pair for the rest of September, it's going to get chilly here real soon :)

  4. Great outfits! I love the second top and think it looks great on you. :)


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