02 August 2010

Who Is Lisette?

This post is sort of a wee peek into what I really am up to and how I dress in real life.
I am not the sort of vintage sewist who prances about in dresses and hats all day mostly because up until now my work and school demanded that I couldn't. You don't want to be painting flats black in a theatre in a nice dress.
1. On film set at the beach.
2. At graduation!
3. Visiting the state capital with my Aussie.
4. At a maple syrup party in Quebec on my study abroad.
5. Backstage shenanigans.
6. Hiking with Mr. WWNDW!

On a side note, I also want to point out this gorgeous page from Casey's Elegant Musings post.
The right view is sort of what I had in mind for this pattern, which has been sitting in my drawer for awhile. It is more tailored, which may look terrible on me, but it could be worth a shot.
Plus also, I bought more patterns. Bad. This is one of them.
Then, I HAD to get this fabric. I own a commercially made dress that is in this fabric, only it is a hot pink version. Sadly, they only had two yards.
If you want something similar, they have a listing for the pink version (2 yards).


  1. Oh, that whale fabric! I'm usually pretty good at resisting fabric purchases online (can't say the same for patterns ...) but I had to get some of the pink. Thank you for enabling. :)

    I don't wear a lot of vintage looks in my real life either -- because I want to blend in with the mostly male engineers I work with, but also because I am lazy. I love my t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans.

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous, Lisette! :D

    And more wonderful pattern choices, as always!!!

  3. Girl, you are stunning! Where did you get that awesome t-shirt in the first photo? I must have one! :)

  4. Nice pix Lisette! and the fabric is nice too!

  5. Love your outfits in 3&4 - cute tops!

  6. Wow, maple syrup party sounds awesome!

    Love the little peek into your day to day life, and love those patterns too!! I have my eye on two that I may just have to buy (naughty, but they are so darn pretty to pass up!).



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