16 July 2010

Patternday and I Hate You Amazon

Alas, Amazon tricked me into buying the Blu-Ray version of Mad Men, so I am not patronizing them anymore (thank god I'm done with school! The cheap textbook factor would have made me put up with them). They can go jump in a hot pool of stink for all I care.
As a matter of fact, I'm so angry and desperate about it that I might go purchase a copy from the evil nemesis of all small-business, the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Gasp, I know.

Well I've done my pattern shopping for a bit now, so I'm going to share with you all the Ebay goodies I didn't pick up. NOTE: Check the actual size underneath the image, as sometimes I can't take the image from the actual listing. The price/size link to the listing.
Happy shopping!

First, some prizes for the big girls out there.
Now that is a sweet coat. If it were in my size I'd have snapped it right up!
1941 DuBarry Slip - B42/$0.99
40s Superior Shirtdress - B42/$0.99
40s Lot of 3 patterns (Suit, Blouse, dress) - B42 and 44/$0.99
50s lot of 7 patterns - B42 and up/$0.99
40s Lot of 3 patterns - B42/$0.99

The 50s re-make of this apron.

This next section is all $4.99 apiece from this seller.

This seller is selling lots of two patterns in the same size for $0.99! There are lots of mod and mad men 60s patterns.
And this seller also has many listings at $0.99, including a mod 60s sailor ensemble in B30 and a Betty Draper 60s equestrian suit in B38! They even have a few 40s and 50s patterns.


  1. Oooh - Nice round-up of vintage pattern eye candy!!! Bummer about Amazon sending you the wrong DVDs! You can watch all of the episodes from Mad Men season 3 here: http://www.casttv.com/shows/mad-men. You might have to deal with clicking through a few ads, though, and I think it limits you to watching 75 minutes per day...my husband uses this website to watch any TV episodes he misses and I use it to watch episodes of Top Chef.

  2. Uh-oh - I think I'm about to go pattern shopping again. Thanks for all these links!

    And Miss Dandy - I am greatly behind on Mad Men, so this link will be very useful indeed. Thanks!

  3. Ahh the temptation! Lots of cute styles and in my size! Must..resist..but that wrap-front-full-skirt dress with the orange bolero is summer picnic perfect!

  4. I'm trying not to buy more patterns until I get rid of some. You're making it very difficult.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I sent you an email with my info.

    Keep up the great posts!


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