29 July 2010

New Pattern Purchases

I've been bad, and have bought many patterns recently.
I present, as evidence of my guiltyness:
These first two were $5 apiece. I can't wait to make the shawl collar one since I sold my only shawl collar pattern ages ago.
The only thing I don't like about this one is that ugly one pleat down the front of the skirt!
I plan to make the main part of the dress in black and do a center panel in white with Klibban Cats. Oh, and the jacket will be awesome for fall!
Lastly, this lot put me back only $1.04, even though I only want about 2 of the patterns!


  1. Bad, Bad, Bad, Naughty Naughty... is what I should say, but since I'm guilty of the same thing recently I'll just say: super cute 1907! I want!

  2. OOhhh!!! I LOVE the first 3 patterns!!! And that's my size too!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THEM!!!! Can you sell them too me after you sew them hehehe

  3. I'm loving the first couple of patterns.

    And i love the "half size slenderette" proclamation on the first pattern!

  4. Ah, ya did good! I love the third from the top -- the yellow dress with daisies on the collar is perfect! And the overalls/coveralls pattern in the last photo is awesome! Though I suspect my man would be pretty unhappy with me making them, for him or for myself. ;) Thanks for sharing your haul!

  5. These are all adorable! I especially love the second one. I can't wait to see what you sew up with them!!! :D

  6. Ooh pretty! Love the first three, especially the second one with the mini-cape and bow, it's adorable! Nice additions to your collection :)

  7. Some cute patterns there. Don't feel too guilty, they were bargains - it's an investment! :)

  8. Great selection of patterns you have there! I love that Butterick pattern with the jacket!


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