19 July 2010

I Love You Honey But I Just Can't Smile

So I think ever since I said I was going on a July hiatus for my summer class, I've ended up posting almost every day. Just goes to show that when you're supposed to be writing a report on l'existentialisme francaise, you suddenly find all the time in the world to write blog posts!
Sartre or vintage goodies? Gee...
On another note, my car seems to be fixed (yay!) but I also have a minor ear infection which left me sleepless and prevented me from going to work on time (boo!)

So, to stay kind of true to my hiatus, this will merely be a blog post of a couple of images of my own patterns. Patterns that I will probably never make, since they are usually not my size. Sit back, relax, drink some iced tea and enjoy the slideshow.
Ah, the tea dress. The layered square neckline on this one is just delicious. Of course, I lied a little, this one is my size. I feel it is a little too frump though. Not young enough for N. Drew and chums.
This one is certainly young enough. I can only imagine that they are members of the Bird Call Club! I often picture George in yellow, so of course since the model in back also looks like her I am inclined to call it a George dress, even though it is much too fussy for her. Definitely a Bess dress. And the silly chiffon scarf on the wrist as well!

On a side note, I added some more patterns to my Etsy store, including those that had been offered in that giveaway so long ago. I also listed this adorable polka-dot flannel fabric on Ebay. There is 5 yds...more than enough to make a full-skirted dress!


  1. Oh, my dear, can't you find some way to incorporate a discussion of vintage fashion into your report on l'existentialisme francaise?!? LOL. I can understand why you might be procrastinating! Hope your ear infection goes away soon, and that your report writes itself.

  2. Ha ha, I just read the Phantom of Pine Hill this last week. Some minor sexism I never noticed as a kid- at one point they meet up with Ned, and then Ned drives them around in Nancy's car. lol. then they go to a party at the boys' college, and it says "the students and girls were standing on the lawn". ha! girls can't be students, silly! worth reading again, they are charming books. I like how scaredy cat Bess is!

  3. Haha, but I'm sure all the blogging is actually helping you write your report. It helps to clear the mind and all that jazz. :D


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