21 July 2010

Fail/Success on the Summer Essentials

I've made a bit of headway since my original Summer Essentials Pledge (see banner on right).
In fact, I actually completed 5/5 Summer garments although my original list is not what I ended up making.
For example, the bathing suit which I has been 2 years in the making now, will have to wait another year because I didn't grade the bodice properly.
Nor did I make the Vogue or Simplicity tops. Oh well.

This is what I DID make:
Status: Semi-success. I like it, but it might be more of an end of summer garment.
Status: Semi-success. I love it but I need to put in some darts.
Status: Semi-success. Again, I love them but they are a size too big :( No matter.
Status: Super success! I love this. The darts I added make the top so much more flattering.
I'll reveal my final Summer Essential tomorrow...tonight will probably determine whether or not it is a total failure or a semi-success.


  1. Good work! Such cute, pretty, summery things!

  2. I love the blue and white polka dot blouse with the daisy trim - so darn cute! Sewing has been slow-going for me lately...it's driving me crazy! Did you ever get to watch those episodes of Mad Men from season 3?

  3. I love seeing round ups of the different things people have made and how they found making them. I love your little blue gingham top :)

  4. the blue blouse with daisy trim is so sweet!

  5. Love all that you have made. Love the daisy trim too. How adorable.

  6. The daisy trim is perfect---it really makes that top stand out as something a bit more special. It looks great!

  7. The blouse is super sweet. Love the fabric and the daisy trim!

  8. My list of completed items is totally different from my original plan, too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    I love all of your items - so pretty! I especially love the blouse with the daisy trim. :)


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