26 July 2010

Etsy Window Shopping

Le sigh. If only I had endless wealth.
This first shop is my new favorite. Another thing I could probably figure out how to make but would feel bad about doing so!

                                                 From ChaseAsh.
From MamaJudes (20% off sale right now!)


  1. Eeeeeee! Those belts are amazing!!! And the tape measure printed fabric cuff at Ponder and Stitch is seriously cool! Thanks for sharing these finds.

  2. Ah, moi aussi. L'Etsy est vachement dangereuse, sans doute.

    Sorry if I got anything wrong with grammaire above. My French is rusty. Heureusement, your Etsy window shopping is not! :-)

  3. I love the gnome hat and the namaste sign. Lovely!


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