17 July 2010

The Epic Ruby Post

Yes, we finally finished!
Dear readers, the Rubys have been a long journey. Much longer than that one silly week in June that I thought I/we could finish them in.
Nancy and Ali's versions.
Jana did a thorough post on why hers will never be. Eleanor found hers to be a wadder as well :(
I think Summer finished hers but said she didn't have a way of posting them?
And of course, BurdaStyle is giving me 500 Error every time I try and post a new project so my images are via facebook.
So, what did I get out of all this?

What I Learned
1. I will probably never sew anything in a week.
2. Flat-lining is my best friend on white and flimsy fabric.
3. If you're not up for buttonholes, use giant snaps!
4. I am NOT this Burda size! Yes, after all my fussing about size, mine are about 2 inches too wide in the waist, making them low-slung rather than high-waisted.
Well, now I know for when I start my RUBY PANTS! Muahahaha!


  1. "I will probably never sew anything in a week." - I can totally relate!

    The fabric that you used to make your Rubys is so cute! Also, I love the green (or is it aqua?) buttons.

  2. Super cute crab fabric! I also had similar problems on burdastyle recently, probably the next time you're able to get in there will be 12 draft posts unpublished and waiting for you...as that's what happened to me!

  3. Ha ha! I love the crabs! I loved this sew-along so much (even though the damn Burda instructions were impossible) that I'm making another right now.

    I'm playing catch up, so I've just read your post on your essentials, they're all lovely. Romantic, summery. I hope you enjoyed it :)

    PS I love flat-lining too. I'm forever indebted t you for that ;)

  4. Im glad that you, Nancy and Ali had success with this pattern! Hopefully there will be other sewalongs in the future


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