25 June 2010

Ultimate Nancy Shoes

So I have finished the Rubys and a top to match them (by pure chance actually) but I want to wait to post them because Nancy's waiting on a camera to take photos of hers. Then I have a new and much better planned Sew-Along to complement Self-Stitched-September that I will be unveiling.
To make up for no posts due to a recently hectic work schedule, I present some of Tracey Neuls handmade shoe collection (as found on Waiter, Waiter, Percolater by Nancy). Despite their price, I think Nancy and chums would recognize that these shoes were well worth it and would treasure and care for them once purchased.

These would two would definitely be George's favorites...slightly masculine, a little golf-chic and in (what I imagine to be) her favorite colors, green and cream.
 These would be Bess's. Perfect to match with ruffly, frilly, lacy skirts and dresses.
 These struck me a particularly Nancy for a sporty occasion. With their tennis inspiration and neutral color they're perfect for her wardrobe. The dash of red reflects her occasional recklessness and boldness in the face of danger.


  1. I want them all! Ooooh and according to the website, they can be found in Austin...this is very bad for my wallet. The polka dot pair is sheer perfection and if I see it in person I may not be able to resist.

  2. Oooo I'm in love!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  3. Beautiful shoes! Have a great day x

  4. This Nancy definitely loves these shoes! I want them all..... Sigh.

  5. This may be a little brash, but this post is like shoe porn. Drool!

  6. Gosh those shoes are cute! But waaay above my price range. So sad. The white eyelit type shoes with the green sole are my most favorite.

    And sorry for making you wait Lisette ;_; the camera cords are in the mail, due to arrive in three days or so.

  7. Oh, these shoes are gorgeoues!!! Sadly not for my wallet....hmmm...or maybe....NO no no...

  8. Congratulations!! And great shoe picks. ;)


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