19 June 2010

Already Autumn

My biological clock seems to go about 100 times faster than real time, thanks to things like fashion magazines and the internet and working in retail. This means I'm already both thinking about fall fashion (debating what sweaters I might knit) and wishing it were here. Ironically, my fall/winter wardrobe is sitting in the living room, still waiting to get put in storage! If only I could live in a world with no reminder of time or date.
Surely I'm not the only one with this  problem, right? Anyone?
If you're interested, Vogue did an excellent article about this phenomenon in the last issue or so, the one with SJP on the cover.
In the meantime, I've dug up some fantastic WWNDW fall inspiration.
This is my new all-time favorite photo for several reasons (it is also now my desktop). First, the lady looks a lot like my Aunt Pam, who grew up in the 60s and still has a similar hairdo. Second, the outfit: amazing orange sweater, cute trompe-l'oeuil tights and THOSE SHOES. I must have them. Third, the car is just smashing, and lastly, it is an awesome example of a regular gal in a candid shot with some great fashion going on. Definitely a George Fayne outfit.
This girl on Flickr, Marciné, has a delightful style, somewhere between Bess and George. The plaid coat with the brown 60s-style outfit underneath is now jumping to the top of my want-to-have list.
I am coveting a pair of Darlingtonia moccasins on Etsy. Moccasins would be very George, but I think the blue ones with the flowers are more Bess. Would Nancy wear the navy with taupe flowers then?

Lastly, a bit of knitting. Nancy, Bess and George. All free ravelry patterns.


  1. ohh lovely colours. mustard is making a comeback! ps. Hi I'm new to your blog, its excellent!

  2. I used to read Nancy Drew daily. I could go through one a day when I was younger. I still have all my Nancy Drew books and some of my MOTHERS!!! I need to pull one out and read it...maybe that is on the agenda for the rest of the weekend. Love the title of your blog...it is perfect!!!

  3. I'm craving fall fashions right now as well! I've never been much of a spring/summer fashion gal. Thanks for sharing all of those amazing photos - I love the photo of the girl in the orange photo! Is it actually a photo from the 1960s, or was it taken recently?

  4. No, it really is from the 60s. I linked to it's flickr post in the caption.

  5. i LOVE those moccasins, they're so adorable! i laughed when i saw this post cause i was recently at a fabric warehouse type place and picked up about 20 yards of fabric for fall clothes! guess i need to finish my summer sewing and move on to fall :) (oh and i must find a way to get that car in the top photo!)

  6. Oh my, those moccasins are terribly cute! Seller is added to favorites on Etsy... Thanks for sharing! :-)


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