12 May 2010

Vintage Knitting PDFs

After cleaning out my church's bi-annual yard sale of vintage goodies (hello, blue vintage luggage set with hatbox!) I ended up with an armful of old knitting magazines from the 40s-70s. Then my aunt, who heard of my purchasing escapades, sent me some more in the mail. I only knit occasionally because it takes me so long to make anything and I'm more of a hooker myself :P
I knew that I wanted to share them because surprisingly there were a lot of really pretty ones.
Now that I'm done with Uni, I actually have found time to put two of them up and I plan on putting more up every week. These are the first two...if you are interested in purchasing them, they are in my Etsy store, Vintage Stitches, for $2 apiece.
The best part is is that the yellow one doesn't require circular or double pointed needles! They are my arch-nemeses of the crafting world, along with acetate charmeuse (I'm making a 60's space stewardess dress from this for banquet which I'll post about on Friday). Fortunately, one whole book was of socks made on just two needles!

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