25 May 2010

Troubleshooting the Ruby

That about sums up my current feelings on the Ruby Shorts. I got the pattern half-assembled last night when I noticed the test square. It was off by a 1/4 of an inch, meaning everything would be too small (by about an inch, my engineer Dad calculated). 
We messed around in Adobe for a while and when it seemed to be printing at the right size, things would then get cut off.
This is because it is set to print on 7.11 x 11.11 paper.
Is anyone else having this problem?


  1. Oh my gosh. That sucks! But! I'm glad you mentioned it. Mine, oddly enough, seems too large by a 1/4 of an inch.

    Maybe you should take it to a print shop? I know it's extra work and cash, but that's the best I can recommend sadly. At least there someone can fiddle with getting it just right?

    Best of luck - Ellie

  2. Mine was too small by 1/16 of an inch, but I said screw it. I'll smoosh into these shorts if the whole thing is only going to be a 1/4inch too small. I had more of a problem with getting each page to print the same size. They were all out of proportion and it was the biggest pain in the behind to line them up. I had to jury rig the whole thing and it isn't exactly laying flat right now. I would recommend trying to print out your pattern on another printer without fidgeting too much with the settings, you'll probably be able to come a little bit closer. You might also consider using your original printed pieces and just cutting everything out a size up. That should accommodate for about an inch difference, but check the sizing on the pattern to be sure.

  3. I had the exact same scale square problem, but the pattern seems the right size. I always measure the pattern pieces since I don't trust the printed measurements. No matter how I adjusted the scale the square was never 4"/10cm!

    I cut my pieces yesterday but may have to go back and cut the belt. I thought the belt went over the waistband? I don't have the instructions with me, of course.

  4. I think you might be having trouble because the rest of the world uses A4 paper instead of letter. European / Australian / Everywhere Else will design for a different paper format.

  5. Saying we're using the wrong paper is one thing, finding A4 paper and a printer that it fits is another. This is not something the average person has control over. If the pattern called for US 8.5x11" paper would you dig some up, or would you make do with A4?

    The scale being wrong is due to poor pdf'ing, not paper size, anyway.

  6. I think there is a bit of truth to both of these...it is scaled to A4 paper (ridiculous! No one in America uses it...) but the square is slightly off on one side always. Bah.


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