17 May 2010

The Space Stewardess Dress and the Fabric of the Week

Let's face it. I may love the 30s, 40s and 50s but deep down I will always be a 1960s kind of gal. I've had the 60s on the brain for about two weeks (minus listening to my Andrews Sisters records). I really blame it all on Nancy Drew, because the editions I grew up with were from the 60s and so I can't help but picture her in mad men-esque dresses, slacks and tops.
So, the Fabric of the Week is a little bit 60s:
It is available over at Equilter for $9.25/yd.
Or at Hancocks, in pink for  $4.49/half yd.
This is going to be a bit detailed because it was my first time with this sort of fabric...
Pattern: Simplicity 7355, 1967
Fabric: Satin Charmeuse (100% Acetate) from Joanns ($2.99/yd)
-Despite my making a mock-up of the neck hole, it was barely big enough for my head to squeeze through.
-Despite being a petite size (5'3" and under, baby), the dress's pre-hem length was about my mid-calf. What?!
-The armhole facing was from the flamingo dress pattern and worked like a charm.
-I need a new iron. Not only does mine leak, but got a dent in the plate which my dad sanded but it is still catching.
What I Learned:
-Acetate is the worst fiber ever! If there is the tiniest drop of water the dye runs immediately and makes a big water stain. Of course, my iron leaked all over the first version of the dress. Plus it is SO DAMN HOT! I nearly passed out from dancing.
-Shiny fabrics are the worst ever! Every pin and needle leaves a mark so pinning is a nightmare and you can forget about messing up and ripping out.
-French seams on the outside of a garment look awesome. Unfortunately they pucker when done on a curve.
-Never ever let someone hem something at midnight when they are dead tired. The sides are all wonky.
-Bias-roll collars are fantastic.
-Shiny fabrics will make you the center of any photo taken with a flash.
What I Accessorized: Onyx and pearl earrings, vintage black satin gloves (birthday gift), vintage black beaded purse (birthday gift), Tahari's Si Senor black sequin high heels
Apparently, I was not entirely original with a blue dress and black heels either (bows and sequins were also abundant).
This is my fellow costumer Jess and we were twins. Several other girls also opted for the blue dress and black heels option. It was pretty funny, actually.
Never mind the fact that our louche (look it up) teacher came in a seersucker suit with a tie that matched our dresses!


  1. Hey, I was a teen in the 60's and I'm loving that it's staying alive through you! You both look great. Of all the decades out there that people have espoused, I have to stick to the 60's and not just out of nostalgia. (well maybe!) I'll be checking back to see what else you have up your sleeve!


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