24 May 2010

Sew-Along Update

First of all, I graduated (summa cum laude) yesterday! Yay!

Updated participant list:
1. Eleanor - Unfamiliar Ceiling
2. Nancy - 25 Dollar Vintage 
3. Summer
4. Jana - 98 Red Balloons

Since many of us seem to be having a rough start I have also re-done the itinerary.
Plus, if anyone still can't get the instructions, you can email Nancy at nancylyn@gmail.com and she will send you a copy (thanks, Nancy!)
MONDAY - Have your pattern cut out + assembled!
TUESDAY - Buy fabric!
WEDNESDAY - Cut out fabric!
Thursday - Steps 6-8 if you're doing pockets.
Friday - Steps 9/10
Saturday - Step 11
Sunday - Step 12, done!

I expect to see LOTS of really spiffy fabric!
Today I picked a What Would George or Nancy Wear? pattern. Nancy's obviously on the left and George on the right. Although I feel Nancy would skip the chunky jewelry. Green is always my first thought in color for George's wardrobe.


  1. Going to measure myself and stick everything together tonight. I started putting the pattern together on Friday, but decided to slack off all weekend. Luckily I have today to catch up! Yay sew-a-long schedule. Still no sign of either sewing machine, I am not amused. Hopefully it will be back in my arms by Wednesday, but at this point I'm not too hopeful.

  2. Thank you so much for giving us a few extra days. Hopefully I can make it to Kinkos to print the pattern later this afternoon.

    I'd love to see some of the other sew-along-ers fabric and button choices. I posted mine the other day.


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