20 May 2010

Sew-Along Itinerary

There has been a slight glitch in our plans, friends. When I went to download the instructions it said the file was damaged and couldn't be repaired. I posted in Help about this on Burdastyle. I encourage you all to try downloading it and if it doesn't work for you either to please add to the thread I started here.
If all else fails I'm hoping to contact someone who has made them already and get a copy of their instructions.
Regardless, I have drawn up a sort of guideline as to how long I hope this will take. I'll make a more detailed one once I get the instructions.
Monday (May 24th) - Everyone should have purchased the pattern and be buying the materials.
Tuesday - Cut out pattern and assemble, cut out fabric.
Wednesday-Sunday - Sew, sew, sew!
Of course, you are all welcome to go at your own pace, since I know most of you are probably a lot busier than I am right now. If the itinerary needs to be stretched out more, let me know!

Also, here's who we've got participating:
1. Eleanor - Unfamiliar Ceiling
2. Nancy - 25 Dollar Vintage 
3. Summer
4. Jana - 98 Red Balloons

:( Sorry you're not up for it Elizabeth. When are you due? Have you done any baby sewing?
By the way, isn't this pattern so very What Would Nancy Drew Wear?


  1. I'm due in August... only 12 weeks away! I have been sewing baby clothes for my little one. We don't know if we're having a boy or a girl so I'm sewing some clothes for each. I figure I can always stow whatever set of handmade clothes we don't use away for another child down the road.

  2. I may be a bit behind everyone else since my machine is at the sewing machine doctor, but hopefully it will be back from the shop by Friday. I'll try to download that pattern tonight and see if I have better luck with it.

  3. Okay, just downloaded the pattern. My instructions download fine, I can send them to you. Just send me a quick email at NancyLyn at gmail dot com so I can have your email address.

  4. Oh man. My instructions aren't working either. >:| I click on the link under 'My Purchases' and it acts like the PDF opens, but nothing actually opens...

  5. Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all produce. Maybe it's a British thing, but shorts just don't look good on me :(

  6. This Monday?! Thats so soon! I guess I'm going to have to do some serious fabric shopping/muslin-ing this weekend. This should be fun :)

  7. Blogged:

    I can't wait to see what we all make. There are a lot of cute plaid versions on BurdaStyle, but those red ones are adorable too.

  8. Love this idea! Cant' wait to see all the new clothes!

  9. I blogged too. :) gotta spread the word!


  10. I have the pattern but my printer exploded! Never was a big fan of inkjets :/ I'll see about printing from the library instead.

    I have two other projects to cut at the same time--yay for summertime sewing!

  11. I'd love to join, because I've been dying for a pair of these shorts but wouldn't even be able to begin until the week following (i'm in the process of moving) -- so maybe I can sew along at a verrrry slow pace ;)

    I look forward to seeing all your creations! And thanks, Lisette, for putting this together!


  12. I finally got my pattern printed out. I couldn't access it from my work computer, but got it to work fine at home (maybe the sewing gods were trying to tell me something about goofing off at work?). I picked up my fabric, but I think I had a brain dead moment or something. I bought polyester. Not sure what I was thinking. But I'm going to follow through with it!


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