28 May 2010

Ruby Update

So I've fallen a bit behind on the Ruby shorts. I'm still cutting out fabric, but that is because I will be flat-lining my regular fabric, which is a rather see-through white with little crabs on it! I also think I made an error on the instructions because I think some piece are put on before or during the welt pocket steps. Has anyone else noticed this?
In truth, I really blame my tardiness on having to go back to the JoAnn's every darn day because I've forgotten something. Of course, just now I remember I didn't buy white thread. Red thread it shall be!
I also blame it on the fact that I am trying to finish a WWNDW dress in the hopes of re-naming the blog.
 Congrats, Nancy, on using your fabric wisely (unlike me) and I'm sure your color choices will be fine, Eleanor.


  1. Oooh, I'm so excited to see all your Ruby versions! I'm obviously also tardy on the whole endeavor, but I wanted to ask you how you flat line the fabric? I've tried to "add" lining to a project before and it screwed the whole thing up (the fit was too tight, it bunched in the wrong places, etc etc). But I'd like to do it -- I'll likely be using some cream twill I bought at a thrift store and black buttons! But I am a bit afraid of it being see-through.

    Great fabric, btw! Can't wait to see how they come out, red buttons, too perhaps? :)

  2. I was ahead of schedule, then the welt pocket kicked my butt. My sample came out ok, inside out, but the lips were too wide. On the shorts: inside out again! I took out the welts, basted the hole together, tried again, and the lips were much too narrow.

    So I'm doing a faux welt pocket, actually a slot seam I think. I'm almost back on track. Plus I have nice red buttons for my dark denim :)

  3. I've got my pattern put together and cut, and the fabric is all pinned and waiting to be cut. I guess I'm a bit behind, too

  4. Red thread will be a fun accent. The Ruby pattern is cute--I can't wait to see everyone's versions.


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