13 May 2010

Help! Sixties Space Stewardess Dress Pre-Post

Just some things rolling around in my head as I try and wrap this sucker up.
I need your opinions!
I really like the makeup from this photo, but not the headband. I matching headband for my dress would just be too too much I think. So, I need to come up with another plan for my hair. Does anyone know of any good 60s hair tutorials?

Here is a photo of the dress at this point. I've got a black vintage beaded bag, black shiny gloves, black onyx earrings and black sequin super-tall slingback stillettoes. I need your opinion:
Should I leave it plain, therefore allowing me to use it for less fancy events?
Should I stick a sequin ruffly bit of trim behind the standing up yoke seam?
Should I try and do some sequins?
A black tie under the collar?
I could do a bow in my hair.
If anything, I want to avoid the realm of cheesy. Any photos you can find would be marvelous.
This one has nothing to do with anything, but I really liked it.
Plus I've got another me-made outfit:


  1. Well, I like the dress as it is and I think that with all the accessories you mentioned it should be okay. For your hair you can have a look here: http://www.aufeminin.com/mag/beaute/d1867/x12592.html
    Oh, and your blue top with ties looks adorable :)

  2. I think you should still go with the headband but maybe in black?

  3. I love the dress. It's beautiful in the fabric you chose. If you usually wear a headband, then go for it.


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